6 things I want to accomplish in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth

As we count down toward World of Warcraft’s late summer expansion, I’ve seen a lot of articles talking about what players should be doing to prepare (get normal sleep and live a normal life) and what Blizzard is doing to prepare (enlargening its bank vault to accept even more money). But what I haven’t seen as much is discussion about what people want to do when the expansion comes out.

Maybe that’s because there’s still a lot of unknowns and because the answer seems obvious (level, loot, raid), but here are six objectives that I would like to accomplish during the first year of Battle for Azeroth:

1. Take my time

This is always the hardest to follow, because there is such a huge race to the new endgame that it becomes easy to feel left behind and pressured to keep up. But really, with all of the new zones and quests, I want to just take my time, sightsee, get into the lore, and enjoy the journey. We’ll all be in the endgame soon enough — and for a long, long time.

2. Hang out with my guild more

I do have a really great guild… and I’ve been neglecting it. Part of that is because I’m often off in other MMOs, but part is that I didn’t get much into the raiding or mythic plus scene in Legion. I’m going to make an effort to put myself out there more and be more open to guild activity nights.

3. Take a look at both sides

Because I used my free level boost on my Warlock to help with allied race unlocks, I feel more than a little bit bound to pursuing that character. Plus, with all of my toons on the Alliance side, it’ll be nice to see what’s happening over on Horde side as well. So yeah, I think I’ll be sampling both sides. I don’t really care about their chest-bumping conflict to develop a strong allegiance to one side or the other.

4. Be better about keeping track of long-term objectives

Probably one of my stumbling blocks in Legion is that I wasn’t as attuned to some of the longer reward tracks that I should have pursued earlier on. Most of that came down to troubling myself to research guides — such as how to get class mounts — and it always ended up with me smacking myself on the forehead and going, “I wish I knew that sooner!”

This time, I’m going to sooner the crud out of it.

5. Level a Kul Tiran Druid

Been dying for a human Druid for a long time now, and the Kul Tiran forms look wicked awesome. That’s very high up on my list, although it all depends how soon this allied race is unlocked to play.

6. Make a list of old world objectives to accomplish

Blizzard’s trying out some new features that don’t, on the surface, seem to interest me. Warfronts are a huge “meh” and I have no idea how enjoyable island adventures will be no matter how much the devs fake enthusiasm in their videos. So I think it would behoove me to keep looking at legacy content in the game that I have yet to do and create a list of personal objectives. Even if it isn’t the newest stuff, it doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing.


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