World of Warcraft: Wolfhawk ahoy!

Disapproving eagle looks on while I practice my yodeling skills. Hey, when it’s the end of an expansion era, decorum goes to dirt and we’re free to follow our passions.

The happy news is that I finally, after a lot of stalling and meandering, got my first class mount from Legion. The quest chain was full of pointless busywork, but I did find the payoff agreeable. Similar to how Legion has whipped up smaller solo instances for the artifact weapons and (more recently) the allied races, so too are there ones for the class mount.

For the Hunter, it involved going to a late-night party in the woods with Odin and then hunting down various spirits of the animals. I loved the atmospherics in this one — the woods were darker than World of Warcraft usually is at night, and I really dug it. I need to get that potion that turns the nights dark in this game. Remember reading about it somewhere.

Anyway, the instance wasn’t too long or uninteresting, and by the end I had procured a wolfhawk to call my very own.

Wolfhawk: When World of Warcraft’s dev team is just picking random animal names out of the hat and slamming them together to make new mounts. Better than Beetleslug and Shrewsparrow.

The kids (and I) enjoyed the small cinematics for this. That’s something I’ve quite enjoyed this expansion, all these little in-engine cinematics that Blizzard is using for key storytelling moments. Just makes me want more of them.

Actually, as ridiculous as this combo sounds, they actually pulled it off. This mount is wonderfully detailed and looks great both running and flying. Going to be using it on this character for a while now, because there’s that spirit of pride and ownership at play.

I’m really starting to pare down on my final goals for both my Hunter and Death Knight, which means that it’s about time to just switch over to my Warlock and see what I can do before the summer is through.


One thought on “World of Warcraft: Wolfhawk ahoy!

  1. coppertopper May 18, 2018 / 1:13 pm

    Definitely the best of the class mounts.

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