Fallout 4: Exterminate the world

You all know that I’m a big dork, but I seem bound and determined to prove it in interesting ways. Today’s example is right before you: I spent an evening taking pictures from Fallout 4, all while failing to realize that Flux had turned on my nighttime amber overlay. That is why these pictures look the way they do.


I couldn’t help it, with all of the Fallout 76 talk — I had to get back into Fallout 4! Maybe this is turning into the summer of single-player RPGs for me. Heaven knows I have enough of them to play and few that I’ve ever actually beaten. This will be my third attempt at Fallout 4, so we’ll see how it goes!

Even though I’ve played this game several times before, I still wanted to watch through all of the introductory sequences and take a bazillion screenshots. Amber screenshots. Also, I would totally buy that first-generation Pip Boy up there, even if it resulted in a fractured arm.

Sorry, Shaun, you’re still the creepiest, fakest-looking baby a video game developer has ever made. I’m not entirely convinced that you aren’t a toy that this husband and wife started projecting their maternal and paternal desires upon.

The part of me that plays Fallout Shelter saw this box and went “GRAB IT! IT CAN PROTECT THE THIRD LEVEL IN MY VAULT!”

Who wouldn’t want a Mr. Handy?

I still think that this opening is one of the most chillingly effective scenes in any video game I’ve played to date. Seeing that bomb go off and the shockwave rush toward you always freaks me out. In a good way, I suppose.

Vault 111 is really unsettling at the start. Being alone without a Pip Boy, decent weapon, or a radio station is about the most naked you’ll ever be in this game. On the flip side, posters like these kept my heart light.

And who wouldn’t want to sit down to play a fully functional game of Red Menace (aka “Copyright Infringement-Free Donkey Kong”)? For the record, I did play and beat a level. I felt that if the developers went through the trouble, it was the least I could do.

Anyway, this is my character, Betsy. I picked the name from a list of people that Codsworth would actually reference out loud. Plus, “Betsy” seemed like a very 1950s name. I’m still experimenting with third- vs. first-person as a playstyle and am shamelessly using the interactive Fallout 4 map to track my progress.

Got a non-Vault outfit and made friends with a dog! I’m all for having a companion, although it is occasionally disconcerting when I see movement off to the side and whirl about to prepare for an attack… and it’s just the dog. Also, he steals loot.

Love the nights over the wasteland. One positive about the end of the world? No light pollution!


2 thoughts on “Fallout 4: Exterminate the world

  1. Galactrix June 11, 2018 / 12:34 pm

    Although there’s a lot of different clothing options in Fallout 4, I always keep my Sole Survivor in his vault suit. It’s worth it for the various instances where people in-game will comment on it, like “WTF a vault dweller?!”

    There was that brief period when I put on the Silver Shroud costume and it was also hilarious when you could select special Silver Shroud dialogue, though.

  2. Gamera977 June 11, 2018 / 12:50 pm

    I like the amber, gives it a vintage look to the background footage.

    I loved the Silver Shroud quests too, wish Bethesda would put out an expansion of just more missions for these.

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