DDO: Roll 2d4 for breakdance skill

One weird thing that happened when our five- or six-person DDO group was forming is that half of us decided independently that they’d roll dragon characters. I did not get that memo; I went with the boring human. I don’t regret it, though.

Before we got going with our group session last week, we warmed up with some group breakdancing. I can only imagine the guards looking at us and thinking, “These are the future saviors of the world? We’re all doomed!”

I may have gotten carried away with barkskin. A little. A tad. But how can you not, when you have the ability to make everyone in the group look like living scabs?

I really didn’t have much else to do, since I have one whopping healing ability and no group buffs yet. We started running content on Reaper +2 difficulty, which was a first for me. That led us to a few close moments when some overeager frontrunners would take alpha strikes and watch 3/4ths of their health disappear almost immediately.

As I said in chat, that is one seriously scrawny dragon. I don’t feel fear and awe so much as light concern that it’s not getting a well-rounded diet. Then I realized that I was expressing care over a dragon and just walked out of there.

Gearing up has been weird, especially since I don’t know the Druid that well. I tried a longbow for a bit, but my character didn’t have that skill and thus couldn’t hit that much. Right now I’m going with a scimitar and shield, mostly for the bonuses and protection. It’s spell city for me otherwise.

I also had a facepalm moment when I got armor with healing bonuses and sold off my old one. When I put on the new and got into a dungeon, I saw that it “broke my druidic oath” and didn’t allow me to cast any spells at all. I didn’t know this was a thing, so it was either not casting spells or casting them naked. It was the breeziest dungeon I’ve ever run.

We powered our way through several Harbor quests, including the Butcher’s path. I’m still enjoying how easy and simple and straightforward these all are, but a little less thrilled about how dull they look. Can only stare at sewers and warehouses for so long, you know?

4 thoughts on “DDO: Roll 2d4 for breakdance skill

  1. DonV June 14, 2018 / 2:46 pm

    I never got very far with Druid but they can. be built a number of interesting ways especially now since they fixed the animal forms. Bear tanking should be an option. The companion pets are very good as well. Gear restriction is.a thing like the monk. Druids are adverrse to metal gear so that means leather and wood are the stuff, there is a limited list of preffered gear like fhe wall of wood shield but you get the flip side of more interesting build options. Still have a chr slot left so maybe a future Druid bear tank or caster, for now it’s my dark angel monk that gets all my time.

  2. DonV June 14, 2018 / 5:11 pm

    Sewers got you down? Take a vacation in sunny Three Barrel Cove. Have rum daiguiri at the salty wench tavern. Dive for sunken treasures, explore the Fire Caves and more.

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