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I’m cooling on the idea of World of Warcraft Classic

Blizzard’s been really quiet about World of Warcraft: Classic since last November’s BlizzCon — at least until recently, when the studio posted a dev blog to talk about where it’s at with the project. The big news is that the team has decided on Patch 1.12 to be the foundation for Classic, which was a major question among the community. It went on to discuss the challenges and decisions to make the game work and bring its backend up to spec.

I read it, interested for the news but also finding myself feeling rather cool toward the whole project. I mean, I’m glad it’s being done. I think there’s definitely an audience for a classic server, and it will no doubt bolster the game’s population and create an interesting sub-community of WoW players. But I’m pretty sure it’s not for me at all.

Oh, I’ll try it. It’ll make for an interesting diversion and a blog post or two. That will put me in the crowd of tourists curious how the game used to function but not really in it for the long haul. But will I stick around? It’s doubtful.

First of all, while vanilla World of Warcraft gave me so many wonderful memories, it’s not an era that I was ever eager to return to. I don’t idolize that experience, because so much of it was poorly designed and not as user friendly as I think a lot of modern players imagine it being. I don’t want to run around for 40 levels. I don’t want vanilla’s endgame to be the only endgame with very few options for non-raiders. I can’t imagine playing without features like transmog, or flight paths that don’t stop at every point, or linked auction houses, or what have you. World of Warcraft’s additions and changes haven’t always been to my taste, but it’s hard to debate the fact that the game’s gotten a LOT more user friendly and accessible over the years.

My limited gaming time is getting more precious to me the older I get, and all of those hours I could pour into the game back in 2004 when I wasn’t even married yet are hours that I would rather put into other experiences.

And I just genuinely enjoy most of where World of Warcraft is at now. I’d rather be playing modern WoW than a classic WoW on any given night, and I know I’ll be making faster progress with the former.

Probably the only thing that would draw me to WoW Classic is if Blizzard promised or even indicated that characters on that server would be able, at some point, to progress through expansions. I’d love to see progression servers or the ability to transfer between dedicated expansion servers that are set in time, but right now there is not hint of that.

6 thoughts on “I’m cooling on the idea of World of Warcraft Classic

  1. I feel like Blizzard are a little too late with Classic, many people already played it on Nost (and all the followers) and either don’t care about it or played however long they wanted to play it. Personally, I’d rather play Project Gorgon for my dose of old school experience without old school poor design.

  2. I never played WoW during the Vanilla period so for me it’s an interesting opportunity to see something of how it was back then. I did play in early WotLK though, at which point you still had to run for 40 levels and I enjoyed it that way. I don’t see that as something offputting.

    As for playing it long-term, though, obviously that’s not going to happen. I’d expect to play for a month to six weeks at most, with occasional return visits. I don’t suppose they’ve discussed the payment model yet. I wonder if the permanent free trial will apply. Being able to play Classic up to Level 20 without a sub would probably mean I’d spend most of my occasional WoW time there rather than on “Live” servers.

  3. The only non-mainline WoW product I’ll spend money on is a single purchase offline version, preferably circa WotLK, maybe Cataclysm. It’s interesting that they are finally doing a legacy server, but I agree it’s too late. I guess we’ll see how it goes.

  4. For me, Classic is a chance to work on some quest chains (such as the Warlock mount) that I never did when Vanilla was around. I would also like to revisit some of the pre-Cataclysm zones that are favorites.

    I don’t plan on trying to make Classic my main MMO, but instead treat it more as a visit to an old neighborhood were I have some fond memories. The people I played with are long gone and I’ve changed so much as a player that I can’t have the magic of starting to play WoW. That’s ok. I can still visit and have fun with Classic for what it will be.

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