The Sims 4: All of this costs HOW much?

When my computer’s hard drive barfed back in May and I had to reload everything onto a new one, I had forgotten at the time to reinstall The Sims 4. It wasn’t until the recent Seasons expansion patch that I even remembered that I had it, at which moment I went, “Oh YEAH, that would totally hit the spot!” and I returned to the evil lair that is EA Origin to get it.

It actually does hit the spot, especially for those evenings when I want a very casual house-building experience. Hey, MMOs, I’d be building houses in you if more of you would just have them, you know. The other interesting thing about The Sims 4 in our household is that it’s kind of a party experience. When I boot it up, all of the kids rush over and start telling me what characters to make and how to decorate and a thousand other backseat commands. We have one household that was built by committee and it is the goofiest thing ever.

So when I installed it, I figured that I might for the very first time in my life splurge on an expansion pack or something. I knew that The Sims franchise was infamous for how many expansions it pumped out to keep milking money from its fans, but I had never been in so deep as to feel the allure there. But I figured, hey, the older expansions had to be cheaper now, so why not?

HAHAHA Syp you’re so naive. This is EA we’re talking about. If someone at EA mentions a sale or discount, a marketing person is sacrificed on an altar next to the snack machine.

At least through Origin, nothing looks to be on sale unless I buy three different tiers of expansions together and get $20 off. That’s right, The Sims 4 has TIERS of expansions. There are five full-fledged expansion packs ($40 a pop), six game packs ($20 each), and 14 “stuff” packs ($10 each). So if I purchased them all separately, not including the core game, I’d be looking at $460 to patch up the game with everything.

$460. That is insane.

Now true, not everyone wants all of these expansions and packs, so you’re going to pick and choose what interests you. And there is that bundle deal where you can get one from each tier (three total) for $50. So say you get five of the $50 bundles ($250), then you’d be left with one game pack ($20) and 9 stuff packs ($90), bringing it to a slightly more reasonable but still expensive $360.

Maybe there are better deals out there. I know that EA jealously guards The Sims franchise, so it doesn’t appear on GOG or Steam. But there’s no way that I’m going to spend that kind of cash on a game unless it’s the only game I’m playing — and I’m paying for that piecemeal.

This all said, I’m not going to buy anything right now. This is becoming the Summer of Trying Other Games Out for me. I can’t remember the last time I’ve played so many non-MMOs, and I’m finding the variety enjoyable. If, say, I get to August and I’m cruising around in Sims 4 fairly regularly, sure, I might consider buying one of the bundles after doing some research as to which is the best one. I hear Get Together is a pretty great pack, although everyone seems to be really liking Seasons right now.

4 thoughts on “The Sims 4: All of this costs HOW much?

  1. Man, I don’t have all the expansions and packs but I have most of them and I’d hate to think back to what that cost.

  2. I bought Sims 4 for my daughters 4 years ago when it first came out. I have put the games expansions on my “isthereanydeal” watch-list ever since hoping to pick them up on sale. Four years later I am still waiting for even one of the expansion packs to come down to a reasonable price. and my daughters have long since moved on from the Sims.

  3. Origin currently has a sale on The Sims 4. Up to 60% off the base game, most expansions, some bundles, and the Backyard Stuff Pack. The sale ends July 19th. Hope that helps.

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