The Sims 4: A Christmas story

Upon the advice of counsel — which is a term that I’m using for “internet friends” — I did pick up the Seasons expansion for The Sims 4. This brought my grand total of Sims expansion packs ever purchased to (drum roll) one. I’m pretty happy with the purchase, since seasonal changes and holidays add a lot to the feel and flow of the game over time. It also makes for some interesting stories.

My neighborhood right now is pretty small; I bulldozed every lot except for a couple of small houses and families that I’ve created. My daughter asked to make a house with just me, so that’s her and me sharing our little four-room pad up there. One day after moving in, Christmas (or whatever The Sims calls Christmas) arrived, which set my virtual daughter off like crazy.

While I didn’t have much money left (or a job, for that matter), I did splurge on a tree and a small pile of presents. We opened them, she sang off key, and we tried to get into the spirit of the season as a blizzard raged outside.

I noted that there were icons representing what my character loved best about the holiday, and one of those for myself was making a great feast. Why not? We might starve tomorrow, but we’ll eat like kings and queens tonight! I set to making it.

So. Two problems. I have virtually no cooking skill and really shouldn’t have been trying to make a big dinner, and I forgot to install a fire alarm. Quickly, a fire burst out of the oven like it was transforming into a dragon, and we hightailed it out of the house and into the blizzard.

I did try to extinguish it, but I didn’t have that option (yet), so all we could do was freak out while standing in the snow. Burning or freezing to death? We might do both before the night was over!

Then, Sims Santa shows up and starts freaking out about the fire as well. I thought that maybe he would go in and save the day by putting it out, but no, he just started yelling and gesturing like the rest of us.

After a while, though, Sims Santa got bored of that and wandered into the house to add some presents to the pile. Good thinking, Santa — that fire was in danger of going out!

Really, I had no idea how a fire in this game works, so this is what I found out: It kind of burns up an area and gradually goes out as it moves along, leaving behind damaged and unusable furniture and a big mess.

Finally, I had the option to rush in and extinguish the fire. Seeing as how it was now 3:00 a.m. and all of our meters were bottoming out, I figured it was the best course of action.

Naturally I set myself on fire, because that’s how this day was going.

I extinguished myself, extinguished the fire, and looked at the sad ruin of our brand new little house.

My daughter was so exhausted that she couldn’t even make it to my bed — hers was burned to a crisp — before collapsing on the floor. Merry Christmas, everyone!

P.S. — My actual kids were watching all of this and were absolutely transfixed by the story that was unfolding, laughing and shouting non-helpful suggestions. It made for a nice bonding moment over games.

2 thoughts on “The Sims 4: A Christmas story

  1. I love your sim stories, you should tell them more in the podcast 🙂 something absurd about the sim makes me laugh at what i’m reading or watching in youtube, thanks for the good laugh … Sim Santa? that one made me really LOL.

  2. Loved this story when you told it on the podcast this week. Those are the times you wish you were recording video of it, not just taking screenshots.

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