The Sims 4: The new Addams Family

One thing that I’ve liked in sandboxes like The Sims 4 is that you can come up with a vision and attempt to see how closely you can execute that vision in the proper game. For instance, if you wanted to make an Addams Family-like house and family, could you?

Turns out, yes, you could. Finger snaps and all.

I didn’t go with a straight-up copy of the Addams Family for my Graves fam, but there are inspirations. The father is a romantically-inclined dapper gent with a moustache while the mother dresses very fancy and mopes around the house. The girl Lydia is more inspired by Beetlejuice’s character of the same name.

I hate the initial money limitations, because I really couldn’t build the full house that I had imagined. I did get a nice parlor started up there with a long floor rug that led to a fireplace. Everyone seems to enjoy dancing more in that room, which does not help propagate the gloomy reputation of such haunted houses.

If Sims 4 was a cheese cracker commercial targeting goths, I’d have it made.

Anyway, the family is coming along so-so. The mom and dad get way too gooshy on each other, much to the disgust of their eccentric daughter. I didn’t really have much money left for entertainment, so mostly it’s dancing and snowmen-making right now. They did celebrate Christmas by singing together…

…and trying to burn the house down, because that’s a tradition for my Sims Christmases.

Anyway, I thought I’d quickly discuss one of the reasons that I have a hard time sticking with any Sims game. There’s a great start to it, what with creating characters and building the houses, but then comes the day-to-day flow. And that’s fine, but at the start it’s also kind of limiting because of funds. Nobody’s making much money, so after food and bills there’s very little left to add on to the house unless you made it really small to begin with. So it ends up being day after day of trying to rush Sims through routines and work schedules with the hopes of making enough money for expansion.

It just feels like a lot of set up and then very, very slow execution for a while. Maybe I need to start even smaller, leave a larger nest egg or something.

3 thoughts on “The Sims 4: The new Addams Family

  1. There are money cheats built into the game that you can use if you don’t want a family to have to start off dirt poor. Also a few different building cheats that can be useful for decorating. Sims VIP and Carl’s Sims are two sites I know of offhand that have lots of good info on such things. I find Carl’s a bit easier to use as a wiki-type reference, but YMMV.

  2. Almost everyone agrees with your sentiments. Which is why almost everyone uses cheats when playing any Sims game.

    To be honest, I think the game is a lot more fun WITH cheats.

    The only time you shouldn’t be using cheats, is when you’re actually trying to complete the game, by reaching the top of your career, getting married, and having children. And I think that stopped being a goal to game completion on The Sims 2.

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