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DDO: Warlocks are OP

It’s halfling Paul Revere! “The nerds are coming! The nerds are coming!”

The nerds are coming indeed, Paul. It’s time for another weekly DDO group, and this time, we’re going to wreck Waterworks and tag the place with Kool-Aid Man graffiti.

Ever since my early days of playing DDO around launch, I had it burned into my brain that Waterworks = awesome loot for the full run. I’m all for that, especially as I’m trying to cobble together as strong of a healing kit as I can.

After our group combed through the non-private instance portion of Waterworks for possible rares (finding only two), we dove into the first two quests on Reaper 1. I think the current plan is to try to be at least two levels above the quests we’re doing so that we can run them on Reaper, so we didn’t do the third or fourth in the chain. Yet.

I understand the challenge and loot appeal of Reaper difficulty, but it doesn’t make me happy as a healer. My heals are significantly nerfed in that mode, especially when applied to myself. I have a nice heal-over-time spell that does one round of strong healing and then a longer round of weaker healing. With the nerf, that second long round does absolutely no healing whatsoever, making the spell all but pointless.

“Great, we’ve armed the giant spider with fire. Way to go, guys.”

One of our three regular lizardmen is a Warlock, one of the many DDO classes I’ve yet to play. It finally struck me this night that he was chain-casting his green balls of death without any worry for his mana, and after inquiring into this, I found out that because Warlocks are OP, they don’t have to worry that much about running out of spell points. That seems like the way to go, honestly. I feel I have to watch every spell point in my bank and continually do mental calculations as to how many spells I have left and how hurt people have to be to use them.

I do have a cape with a single feather fall charge on it, so I’m going to take the quick and easy way down while others run. Of course, probably not the best idea to do this when at the bottom are death traps, a reaper, and very agitated spiders.

Probably the toughest part of my self-designated role as chronicler of our adventures is trying to get interesting screenshots while everything is going nuts and people are moving or killing too fast. So sometimes I activate full-screen mode, hope that nobody dies for the next few seconds, and then dart right into a fight or at a mob in first-person perspective to try to get a good cap. I think that this attack pose from Redfang proved to be the best of the night for me.

5 thoughts on “DDO: Warlocks are OP

  1. I don’t know how they handle warlocks in DDO and I’d have to look up the stats for them in 5th ed tabletop but I remember in the pen & paper game we played a few years ago one guy who played a warlock. He enjoyed it but other than the ability to shoot magical energy bolts at will he had a paltry section of spells and slots to cast them in. My wu jen (Asian wizard) got three or four spell slots per level when he only got one or two. Personally I don’t consider the energy bolts at will to really be worth it. Again, not sure how it’s handled in DDO, which might be an entirely different animal.

  2. As a mild arachnophobe, DDO really has some of the best (worst for me) animated giant spiders around – especially the brown ones that jump at you to attack from around a corner *shudders*.

  3. Warlocks are DDO easy button. I ejoyed mine for a bit but kind of got boring. I did enjoy the chaincasting around the corner damage.

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