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Secret World: A bounty on my head

At this point, let’s be honest: I’m just in Secret World Legends for the story. I put up with the pretty blah action combat, the terrible gear progression, and all the rest just to pop in when — and only when — there are new stories to be experienced. Funcom wants to engage me? That’s the only way.

Last week we saw, well, something less than a full-featured content update and more than a hefty hotfix. There were four quests — three repurposed TSW factional quests with varied difficulty levels and one short epilogue quest for South Africa. It was something to keep us occupied for a while. I wasn’t that interested in doing those old quests (and certainly not on repeat), so I just showed up for that rather short sabotage quest, Public Enemy Number One.

In my Anointed quarters in the New Dawn compound, there’s a suspicious gift basket on the counter. Very suspicious. Nobody in this game world EVER loves me enough to send me a teddy bear and wine.

Yeah, that makes more sense. Not as much sense as someone thinking that they could blow up a Bee with a small gift basket bomb, but points for the overexcited card. BOOM!!

Thus began a little cat-and-mouse chase across the compound as a sniper kept trying to take me out. I wove in and out between buildings, trying to close the gap, only to find that Computer Cheating(tm) was at play and he magically moved to a far-off location.

This took me back to the slums, where I tried to track him down. Had a few opportunities to check in on the locals here, including this lady and her trashed abode. Was she robbed? Had a fit of pique? Or defended herself against the night monsters?

The bounty hunter — for such he was — eventually led me to a booby-trapped corridor with barbed wire and land mines. Considering that I just had thrown his own grenade back at him and left a bloody gaping wound in his side, you’d think he’d be a little less inclined to take me one, but give the man pluck for his profession.

Apparently the whole world still thinks that I’m responsible for the Ground Zero bomb in Tokyo and there’s a bounty out on my head. Considering that my faction only recently started getting my back again, that’s pretty par for the course in this game’s story.

Well, that’s it. See you next content update!

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