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From the World of Warcraft quest log: Battle for Azeroth edition

Every once in a while during my play sessions, I’ll encounter a quest log entry that grabs my interest for one reason or another. Yes, I actually read the quest text. And yes, there’s actually some good writing in these if you slow down enough to take them in. So today I wanted to share four of them from Battle for Azeroth.

This quest wasn’t particularly notable except for the surprise appearance of Calvin and Hobbs as major NPCs in this one region. Of course I was a big fan of the comic strip, and it’s great to see an homage to them in-game. As long as it’s not too obnoxious, I do like these kinds of references. Seems like they amuse the devs, so why not amuse me as well!

I thought this job posting did excessively well on being both funny and developing some of the culture of this region in Kul Tiras. From this one entry, I can deduce that there’s a bit of a class schism and can sense that it’s more an issue of pride and identity more than anything else. “Dainty frilly froo-froo estate life” should be a t-shirt.

This elicited a bark of laughter at the surprise Zork reference. And bonus points for the fact that there actually WAS a brue in this house!

This small quest series caught me totally off-guard and affected me rather deeply. You arrive at this farm, kill a few bad guys, recover some trinkets… and then learn that this farmer just lost his wife and little boy to the quillboar attacks. I genuinely felt empathy for this character in the space of reading this quest text, and gladly helped him defend his farm and bury his family afterward.

4 thoughts on “From the World of Warcraft quest log: Battle for Azeroth edition

  1. LOL, I have not picked up on these. We have been racing from quest to quest as fast as possible. When I started reading the Roughnecks picture the first thing that popped in my head was “Do you want to know more?” Seemed like a Starship Troopers referennce

  2. I was caught off guard during a quest when people where dead, pinned to houses with spears, and there was a child in front of one saying “please wake up daddy… please wake up”. Seemed out of place with Blizzard.

  3. There’s a multi-stage quest in Nazmir where you eliminate a troll necromancer’s quite sizable troops, collect his phylacteries and then kill him. Nothing that special there. The kicker is when you go for the quest turn-in. The questgivers are his long-dead parents, and he was just really, really afraid of dying. So his spirit begs them to stop while they break his spell and let Bwonsamdi the Death Loa claim him.

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