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Syp’s gaming goals for September 2018

August 2018 in review

  • This month was easily divided into two era — pre-BFA and post-BFA — and the first half of the month was spent treading water until the expansion released. With moving and other career-changing activities, I had very little time for extra pursuits and didn’t feel as experimental.
  • I did get a few strong Lord of the Rings Online sessions in as I explored around the Northern Mirkwood region and found myself delighted by the lands of Dale (especially when I got to actually, you know, see it!).
  • My Dungeons and Dragons Online group met a few times and kept me entertained as we protected kobolds and pushed the difficulty levels in dungeons as high as we could go. My Druid got to level 6 and I found a bit of a groove as a healer.
  • Once World of Warcraft pushed out Battle for Azeroth, I was playing that pretty much exclusively for the remainder of the month. For a change from how I approached Legion, I leveled up all three of my characters simultaneously, rotating through them at the pace of one per night. I certainly wasn’t the player who had a level 120 in the first day!
  • Mobile gaming was sparse, but I enjoyed some Bloons 6 and Clash Royale.

September 2018’s goals

  • I’m going very light on my goals this month as our family goes through this major transition. I am anticipating some internet outage and a few days of not even having a computer or desk. Hopefully not too long!
  • That said, World of Warcraft is definitely going to get most of my time, and that’s just how it is. I’m having fun, there’s a TON of story that I’ve yet to do, and it’s absolute comfort gaming for me. My goal? By the end of the month I want all three of my characters at 120. Should be easy peasy.
  • Lord of the Rings Online is a good contender for side activities, and I should do a session or two of Star Trek Online as well. I’m also encouraged to see movement on Fallen Earth’s front, and that might make for a fun blog series.
  • Our Dungeons and Dragons Online group is changing nights to Fridays, but that shouldn’t be a problem. I have been thinking about taking my Artificer out for a spin now and then too.
  • Special project for the month is to buckle down and really learn how Elite: Dangerous plays. I’d like to get out of the tutorial and try the MMO proper!
  • It’s been on my mind that I want to finish Pillars of Eternity too, so I’m going to jot that down.

5 thoughts on “Syp’s gaming goals for September 2018

  1. I’m still treating video games as on the back burner as I focus more on reading, writing, and table-top gaming, but I do intend to dip back into ESO some. 100K just for logging in and all, and I really should try to finish Summerset.

    I’ve also had a vague temptation to play some WoW. Not BfA, though. I had the random impulse to play around with some low level characters — won’t even need to sub for that. We’ll see if anything comes of it.

  2. I’ve been playing Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire and having a ball! Fantastic game! A little embarrassed that I still haven’t finished the original, I shouldn’t have started the sequel till I did…

    Elite: Dangerous looks interesting. Not to date myself but I played the original back in the ’80s – early ’90s on a Commodore 64!

  3. Yes I spent many hours playing Elite on Apple ][ as well. I purchased Elite Dangerous on steam sale but had to return it because I had problems getting my joystick and g13 configured. There where some profiles that I downloaded but they did not work. Game looks great however I don’t have time to sort out the controls. Will put the refund towards Mount and Bladel Warband.

  4. Donv: Cool, always nice to meet another old fart gamer! I’ll keep that in mind about Dangerous, hopefully they’ll have any issues cleared up in a few months.

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