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LOTRO: Back to Mirkwood (whyyy)

Hey wait, this isn’t Battle for Azeroth! What’s with the old timey dialogue and teeny-tiny icons and positively gloomy places that kick my patootey up and down the street?

It’s always a bit of culture shock to reenter an MMO after some time away, especially if you’ve gotten very used to a different control scheme and format. But I’ve been neglecting Lord of the Rings Online too long, and with a mini-expansion on the way in the near future and an uptick of personal interest in the game, I made time to come back last week.

It was one of those situations when you log in and then instantly groan when you realize where you’d left off. In my case, it was a return to the darkness of Northern Mirkwood after pushing out of it, enjoying the beautiful lands beyond, and then realizing that I had broken some quest chains that I needed to complete. And without knowing which ones that I needed, I had to do them all.

This led me to Caras Tilion, an elevated ruins that would have been pretty fun to explore except that it was crawling with pairs of signature mobs that required a lot of attention and fancy footwork to defeat. This turned it into another one of those fun LOTRO open world dungeon slogs that keep me screaming internally as I progress through them, inch by inch.

Elves are not afraid of heights. Or of unsafe building codes, apparently.

I wish I had a more exciting tale to tell, but truth be told that the full span of time that I allotted for this venture was taken up by trying to get through these quests. Yes, quests plural. It was as though the developers knew how aggravating this area was and kept sending me back to it right when I thought I was done for good. I mean, when I defeat a necromancer-in-training and save yet another foppish elf who got her leg stuck in a couple of brambles, you’d think that was it. But no, “Head back, Syp, and find me some more pottery shards whilst I eat grapes and laugh at the folly of humans. Ta ha!”

At least the experience gave me some time to think. And while LOTRO isn’t going to let me swap out a class at this late hour, I have been considering trying out the red or yellow line for Lore-master. Maybe as an experimental go. I don’t feel that urgent about it, because now for whatever reason, my pet seems to be doing more damage and holding up its tankiness much better than before. Could be a patch, could be my imagination, I don’t know, but I’m not complaining.

I am greatly looking forward to the next content update, if nothing else than the fact that it’ll give us five new levels. New levels mean more base power and survivability, and that should help finish up this zone. I almost don’t want to play now and “waste” that potential XP that I could be using soon toward those additional levels.

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