Syp’s Gaming Goals for October

September 2018 in review

  • I was very right to keep my expectations light for this past month, because moving and getting used to a new job sucked up so much of my time that it often left very little for my usual gaming fun.
  • That said, I did get my Death Knight in World of Warcraft to level 120 and started her on her gearing journey. She still has a good chunk of two zones left to do, but that felt like a good accomplishment for the limited time I had. However, this meant that I had to all but abandon my Hunter and sorely neglect my Horde Warlock.
  • Our DDO group didn’t manage to meet for this month, alas.
  • I did get in a couple of sessions with Pillars of Eternity and was tempted into Neverwinter and Guild Wars 2. I also had some fun with Rimworld on my lunch breaks.
  • Lord of the Rings Online got some more attention from me, which I felt was a good thing. I’m still stuck in the dark eves of Northern Mirkwood, but hopefully I’ll re-emerge any day now.

October 2018’s goals

  • I’ll talk more about this tomorrow, but suffice to say that Guild Wars 2 might be getting some serious play time from me this month. I tested the water last week and found the temperature good, and so I started up a new Mesmer and found a guild. No huge goal here other than having fun and map completion!
  • In World of Warcraft, I want to get my Warlock to 120, finish at least one of the two zones left for my DK, and get my DK geared up well into the 300s. A long-term goal is unlocking Dark Iron Dwarves, but that’s a ways to go.
  • I’d like to make some good progress through the last update of LOTRO as the new one emerges on the scene. I thought about making a new character alt, but this probably isn’t the best time for that.
  • Otherwise, I’ll give DDO a couple of sessions, keep pecking away at Pillars, and prepare myself for Fallout 76 in November!

4 thoughts on “Syp’s Gaming Goals for October

  1. Tyler F.M. Edwards October 1, 2018 / 10:37 am

    I’m curious about the Aion revamp at the end of the month. I may check that out. I’ll also have to play some TSW, given the time of year. Beyond that I suppose I’ll continue to fiddle with ESO in a half-hearted manner. At least I’m getting a fancy house from Summerfall.

  2. DonV October 2, 2018 / 2:25 pm

    Some worthwhile events in DDO, Crystal Cove is running and Night Revels should happen sometime this week as well as update 40. They are bring back the raid, yay, making the area private instance, boo. Should be some nice cosmetics and items.

  3. DDOCentral October 3, 2018 / 5:26 pm

    Justin needs to run the new The Night Revels Spectral Dragon challenge with his DDO group, at least once.

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