WoW: Clad in steel and taffy

World of Warcraft this past week became more about a singular and rather casual goal: To scratch and claw my way to gear level 305 so that I could hop onto the heroic dungeon expressway and really start gearing up. It was remarkably slow going, because regular dungeons didn’t provide enough gear for the time investment, and I had yet to unlock world quests.

Fortunately, once I pressed far enough into Drustvar, I hit that one quest where the Order of Embers opened up and granted me instant-friendly status. From there, a blanket of world quests unfurled over the areas, and I got to work. I installed a new mod that helped to sort out world quests by reward type and used that to start pinpointing which quests needed to be completed to help get that gear score up.

Inch by inch, quest by quest, it started to happen. I couldn’t figure out how to improve my weapon — I’m guessing that part is dungeon-only — but all of the rest of my gear gradually upgraded from 275s greens and blues to 310, 315, and even one 325 blues. Getting from 303 to 305 was the toughest stretch, because I really needed just leg or glove gear to put me over the top. Finally, it was done.

Well, that small step was done. I know I have a long way to go. At least now I can get into heroics, and the next plateau that I need to reach is 320 — that’s when I can go into warfronts. And since everyone is singing the praises of the gear there, I want to reach it before Blizzard nerfs that all into oblivion.

At least I have more options at the present: heroics, world quests, and island expeditions. Once I reach 320ish, I’ll upgrade to mythics, warfronts, raids, etc. All at the casual pace I’ve been gaming at, but it’ll be nice to have a full set of purple gear and be able to trounce world content.

Speaking of which, I still have a TON to do for regular questing in Tiragarde Sound and Drustvar. I think I’ll keep hacking away at Drustvar until that gones done, wrap up TS, then focus on my war campaign. I know I’m a full month or so behind the masses now, but I guess I’m well over feeling behind. Now I just am happy that I have goals to reach.

Long-term, I really want to unlock Dark Iron Dwarves and start in on a Shaman, but that has to wait until I get the rep and perhaps also finish up on my Horde alt. I’ve abandoned all other characters to go all-in on my Death Knight right now, but I can’t stay like this forever. But I do want to stay with her for the time being because another long-term goal is getting Pathfinder and eventually flying, and that means getting on top of reputation grinds right now instead of leaving them for later on.

2 thoughts on “WoW: Clad in steel and taffy

  1. Asmiroth October 5, 2018 / 9:33 am

    The mobile WoW application is a good way to get rep with real life time constraints. Considering most quests only give 75 rep per, and you need something like 40,000 total rep…every little bit helps.

  2. Marathal October 5, 2018 / 9:40 am

    If I could suggest. Go to real world Arathi and hit the 20+ rares. Quite a few drop 340 pieces. I believe I’ve picked up a weapon and two offhands doing that. I spent an hour one day flying, oh did I forget to mention you can fly? Got a mount, a few pets, and several pieces. I don’t think I have set foot in one heroic dungeon, a couple of normal for quest chains, and two LFR runs. Two Stormguard Arathi weekly quests have given me two 370 pieces. Anything else was farming World quests for 330-340+ rewards. Currently I believe I’m at 349 gear level.

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