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LOTRO: Frisky fall follies

As the urgency of logging in and progressing in World of Warcraft wanes, my driving interest in playing Lord of the Rings Online waxes strongly. I’ve been playing this old favorite more and more as of late, enjoying the brand-new storylines (at least to me!) as I continue through the lands of Dale.

My adventures last week took me back to Lake-town, where I was embroiled in a murder mystery plot. I really love it when this game produces smaller story arcs that are tied together more by narrative than usual. Having to comb through the city for clues about a killer and then bust my way into an enemy hideout was actually pretty fun. More so that Lake-town is sensibly laid-out so that it’s not too difficult to navigate, even with the constant ups and downs and bridges.

Hold on a second, everyone. It’s time to take (pause) a BIO BREAK.


It was also weirdly compelling to be leveling up again. I think that other than sheer power and a couple more talent points, there’s nothing much to be had here, but still I liked seeing that experience bar crawl forward. Made me feel like I had “wasted” a lot of quest XP over the past few months while I was chewing through missions at the level cap.

At the very least, getting to 120 will help me beat down Dale content all the faster!

The Harvestmath festival dropped midway through the week, and so I put a bookmark in Dale questing and jogged all the way back to the Shire to see what was on tap for 2018. To my surprise, SSG had added a TON of new content, including costumes, housing decor, a wicked-looking mount, a new Bingo Boffin storyline — and oh yeah, a whole new special festival area! I knew I was going to be spending some considerable time racking up the tokens and scoping out these fresh features.

Of course, I was also going to spend a lot of time running around the Haunted Burrow, because that’s my hands-down favorite MMO haunted house. Even after all these years, I still love it.

Right away, I knew I had to snag the incredible new outfit that came with this year’s festival. This robe is just amazing in its style and detail, and I can’t recall seeing anything in the game that looks quite like it. Lots of straps and leather ties. Good stuff. I also grabbed the creepy mask on the first day, then promised myself I’d save up my tokens to get the mount next.

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