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DDO: Halloween wrap-up

Halloween. Halloween never ends. Especially in DDO, where it feels as though it’s been running for the length of the current presidential term. I haven’t been chasing any of the gear or cosmetics from the event, although I did appreciate some extra chests here and there. In any case, our weekly group assembled last Friday to do one last hurrah for Night Revels before it all got shut down.

I think we did about four or five quick dungeons in a row. An unlimited supply of pumpkin decorations awaited us — far, far too many to be anything other than tacky — as we blitzed our way through the instances.

It was pointed out to me that not only were all of these repurposed instances but that one of them had us running it in the opposite direction (end to beginning) than we would encounter in the regular game. Intriguing!

Scary vampire guy, meet my dog Goober. Head butt that creature of the night, Goober!

There was very little challenge and (I think) no actual deaths for once. Only a few times was my healing really called into play, so it was more of a relaxed evening for yours truly.

I did feel that this was a little unsporting, that we would climb up on these bookshelves and rain down fire and acid on the heads of zombies that couldn’t reach us at all. Oh well, games are often unfair in the opposite direction, so why not work in our favor this one time?

We do have a slightly unorthodox team. I’m the healer as a Druid and we do have a straight-up Rogue who runs trap interference, but everyone else is either a Wizard or a Warlock and is slinging spells all over the place. Hey, it works!

3 thoughts on “DDO: Halloween wrap-up

  1. One of many cool things about Night Revels is its scalability – if you try, say, level 20 and it’s too easy, bump the next run to 21 or 22.

    The cosmetics are REALLY well-done, with a little something for everyone. Feeling kickass? Reaper helm! Silly? Pumpkin head! Bizarre? Vargouille wings!

    Some nice gear as well, and very useful consumables too.

  2. This is the first time I’ve ever really gotten into Halloween in DDO. The last time I was playing seriously, there was very little to it besides killing undead in the graveyard and it was way too grindy for my tastes. This time around, it was a heck of a lot of fun and there were tons of rewards I wanted. I ground out the pet, all three sets of cosmetic armor (suits plus helmets and cloaks in all three colors) and got some very nice gear out of it. Along the way I got a free level or two across all my alts. I even rolled up an Orc Barbarian that I built specifically to farm candy (high damage cleaves make short work of many of those quests).

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