DDO: Float like a feather fall, sting like a bee

Halloween is over — long live Halloween!

While we were finally done with all of the Night Revels action, some of us in our regular DDO group — I’m not naming names — had some pumpkin heads to toss around. That gave me this nifty giant skull head that I kind of wish I could keep forever. As I just finished playing Grim Fandango, it seemed fitting.

Instead, we got back to our regular dungeon running and looked at our adventure compendium to see that we hadn’t finished up the last two Waterworks quests. Back to the sewers it was!

As we were forming up, I had some time to look over my enhancement trees and try to figure out better ways to specialize as a healer. So I moved some points around and focused on the Season’s Herald tree. This actually netted me a few seasonal-themed buffs, one of which threw on perma-feather fall for my character! This is, hands-down, my favorite buff in the game, allowing me to leap and glide from any height with impunity. And now I didn’t have to worry about casting it or saving my one meager cloak charge for a critical juncture.

I was gonna be jumping off EVERYTHING.

Kobolds really do make for the best enemies at low level. They’re not frightening in the least, and you actually feel a bit bad crushing them. But at least they’re plucky and keep on coming for you! And they always, always have the best quotes.

Doing dungeons with a group means that whenever it comes time for a really nasty trap to be navigated — say an acid-spewing corridor — then we can all sit back and twiddle our thumbs while the rogue swears at us and gets his hair burned off.

Hey! A high jump! This calls for… FEATHER FALL!


The theme of the night was “inventory and treasure.” Several of us had packed bags that begged for relief, but before we could get back to town, we were throwing away stuff left and right to make room for all of the chests (and mimics) that we were looting.

Finishing up Waterworks meant a couple of very nice quest chain rewards. I ended up pulling out a +1 wisdom hat that will come in very useful for my cause. I also realized that the necklace that I had been wearing since Korthos restored spell points, a talent that I should’ve taken advantage of months ago. Oh well. Nobody ever claimed I was the smartest MMO player!

4 thoughts on “DDO: Float like a feather fall, sting like a bee

  1. DonV November 23, 2018 / 3:31 pm

    We used to farm Halls of Shan to Kor in the steam tunnels for the ring of feathers back when those items where rare. Nowadays they drop from random loot. You might enjoy it it is not a bad dungeonn:

  2. DDOCentral November 23, 2018 / 6:55 pm

    SSG is probably going to release a progression server for DDO after LOTRO’s server is finished, sometime in 2019. Cordovan hinted at this in a recent podcast.

  3. DonV November 24, 2018 / 12:33 pm

    Sounds interesting might not take off like LotRO because of the reincarnation trend in DDO, but would be good opportunity for someone looking to form a new guild. Depends how they package it I suppose.

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