LOTRO: Fashion and font size

I’m getting old. Well, older. Probably most of us are, and that shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone else. I’m actually OK with the idea of aging as long as I stay active and productive, although I don’t think I have to rejoice over my body giving out in little ways.

One of these ways is my eyes, of which I’m starting to get more protective. I’m wearing glasses more now than I used to, and at night I’ve been putting on these blue light filter deals to reduce eye strain and help my body wind down before bed. But LOTRO isn’t helping things very much, because at times — usually very late — I’m straining to clearly read the quest text in the mission boxes.

It’s just such a small font with not the best contrast — and there is absolutely no way to scale it up (unlike, say, the chat box font or other UI elements). I did some research into this, and the only workaround that I saw was to reduce your resolution so that the quest box would get bigger, and then reduce the size of UI elements to normal. I tried it but that’s not a great workaround and causes some other issues. I really do wish that LOTRO had the option to rescale text or else allow for proper mods so that someone else can do it, but since that’s not very likely, I’ll continue squinting.

At least I’m absorbing the story and continuing to have a terrific time on the progression server. I can’t remember the last time I had such a hot streak of being this deeply invested into LOTRO, but the past two months (with this and Update 23) have been a pleasant surprise to the year. As I methodically chow through all of a zone’s quest content, I’m doing whatever I can to make my character better — statistically and visually.

I’ve upgraded my house on Anor to a deluxe one, and since I doubt that I’ll be ponying up for a premium house, this is probably what I’m going to end up with. It’s fairly bare at the moment, but I’m starting to fill it up thanks to the return of Harvestmath and the coming Christmas festival.

The festivals are also going to prove useful in filling out my wardrobe. Collecting interesting and cool-looking costume pieces are becoming an obsession with me on this server, and I’ve already cleared over 100 pieces in my wardrobe to date. I have about four nice outfits that I rotate through, with a fifth in progress. Getting an attractive or useful costume piece as a drop or quest reward is worth celebrating more than a level up these days, let me tell you.

Other than that, I spent most of last week plowing through the hundreds of quests that were in Evendim. Great zone to do, and it might well be the first time I’ve ever done all of the current quests start to finish. I was a little wary that I’d get bogged down in the city of Annuminas at the end, but fortunately there weren’t too many quests and then I was home free.

With five zones to go, I’m sure to hit the 50 cap well before I run out of new content. That’s fine with me, it’s mostly about experiencing the story, grabbing all the class traits I can, and seeing if there’s any new costume options out on the landscape. I’m a little worried about Angmar as a slow-down, since it’s an ugly zone with tons of quests and lots of deeds to do, but I’ll try to hit it with a good attitude and at full steam.

4 thoughts on “LOTRO: Fashion and font size

  1. Redbeard December 4, 2018 / 9:51 am

    If there’s been one major complaint I’ve had with LOTRO over the years, it’s the text, map, and icon graphics. I’ve been wearing bifocals for about 4 years now (yeah yeah, I’m older than dirt and I’m not even 50 yet) and I’ve still had issues with the ability to read LOTRO’s stuff. It’s not just the font size, however, but the color selections as well. The old maps drive me nuts with the default color design to be able to see half of the quest areas highlighted.

    Yes, I can tweak what I can by upping the font size and changing the map quest coloring, but the fact that I have to do it at all is a bit of a red flag here. I’m not asking for bright primary colors or anything, just more contrast.

  2. Gevlon December 4, 2018 / 9:52 am

    There are magnifier apps that display a magnified portion of the screen around the cursor on your second monitor.

  3. Gamera977 December 4, 2018 / 12:07 pm

    Sounds like a good excuse to buy a bigger monitor to me. 😉

  4. graphiya December 4, 2018 / 2:56 pm

    This selectively unadjustable font size issue is the single biggest reason I have not been putting the time into LOTRO that I had planned these last few weeks. (Agreed. Changing resolutions is not a viable solution.)

    I log in, finish a quest and then quit for the night. Without going into too much detail, I’m at the age where my grandchildren are young adults, so no groaning from you whippersnappers about that. I may try that magnifier app suggestion, though.

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