DDO: Screaming idol baby

I know he’s SUPPOSED to be intimidating, but this idol kind of looks like a baby throwing a tantrum if you take the horns coming out of his chin for arms and legs. Maybe it was an ancient god that would throw a fit until he got his own way, I don’t know.

Delara’s Tomb was up for our DDO group run last week, and it went rather smoothly save for one of our party members getting a face full of trap and dying instantly. It’s scary how fast your health can plummet in this game if you’re not careful.

Wait a minute, guys… what am I supposed to do in the fire? Stand in it?

Our group is slightly unconventional in that we don’t have any frontline fighters or tanks. We’re one Sorcerer, two Warlocks, one Artificer, one Rogue, and me, the Druid. So there’s a degree of squishy going on in our makeup, but also a lot of firepower.

If we do our job right, mobs melt before waves of fire and acid and crossbow bolts. But it does keep me on my toes as a healer. Some stretches are pretty boring and only consist of topping people off, but every once in a while the whole party will get hit by something and I’ll be flinging out spells left and right while cursing the global cooldown.

Honestly, I don’t know how this game calculates all of the action that’s happening, especially with the placement and complicated skills. DDO isn’t one of those MMOs that gives everyone a handful of carefully approved, developer balanced abilities. Instead, it will overload you (especially if you’re a spell caster) with dozens of abilities, many of which are highly situational.

I try to keep my abilities focused and tight. I have a pet wolf that does his own thing and a pet falcon that gives me a few stat boosts. I don’t usually think about either. Now that I’m level 8, I’m able to cast Mass Longstrider on the whole team to give us all a running boost, but that’s the extent of my buffing. I let others buff and save my mana for heals. It’s kind of bad if I run out in the middle of combat.

So for heals I have one large chunky heal, one heal-over-time (which is the one I use most of the time), a group heal-over-time (which uses placement and is finicky), and now one enhancement ability that lets me put a protective spell on others to give them a heal if their hit points dip below 50%. Not entirely sure this spell is working, but it’s cheap and I can be proactive with it.

The only difficulty we had in these dungeons was from a lack of group coordination in rushing into new rooms. The one tomb kept throwing up bars about one second after the first person went in, so if you weren’t quick enough, you’d end up on the outside watching everyone die. Or not. Usually not, we were pretty good.

Gear-wise, I got a nice healing necklace — but I won’t be able to equip it until level 9. That’s probably not going to be for a month right now, alas.

4 thoughts on “DDO: Screaming idol baby

  1. DonV December 6, 2018 / 4:57 pm

    Good times with good old Gary Gygax. I run this one on every character. Usually take The Voice of the Master trinket for the xp boost, unless I plan running Ruins of Threnal for the Mantle of the Worldshaper but it is a long grind.

  2. Oddbob January 3, 2019 / 11:29 pm

    came across your blog typing ‘kobolds still hate you’, nice to see you chronicling the adventures. The write ups are fun đŸ˜€

  3. Oberon January 11, 2019 / 2:28 am

    With two warlocks there’s pretty much no need for a tank, in heroics at least. They deal so much AOE damage with cone or chain that they will pull all the aggro, allowing the Rogue to get sneak attacks, and with their renewing temp hit points they can take the hits as well.

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