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FFXIV: Lalafel from hell

So yes, I’m a Lalafel now with a weird punk hairdo and a big book of pain.

I’m going to have to back up to explain a tad, if you don’t mind. About a week after re-entering FFXIV, I’m talking with Belghast, and he lets me know that the guild I used to be in is still in existence and some fellow Twitter people and bloggers are on there. Unfortunately, my cat girl was on a completely different shard, and I wasn’t about to pay $18 to transfer her. This all resulted in the decision to re-roll and repeat the last four or so days of progress.

On my side was a refreshed knowledge of how to play and a determination to catch up to, what was I, level 15 or so. I had a full Sunday afternoon to play, so I powered through and got there in one nice long gaming session. I also went with a Lalafel this time because… well, Bel inspired me in part, but I guess I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone in this game. In any case, I’ll probably switch over to a BunnyPerson when those come out, so I don’t have to worry about being stuck with this.

The whole theme this time around is “learning from my past.” The first time I played FFXIV, I spent just so much time experimenting with various classes before acknowledging my preference for Arcanist/Scholar, so that’s what I went with right off the bat. I also feel like this time through, I’m not struggling as much with pointless side activities or trying to figure out systems. It’s mostly main quest, main quest, main quest with sides of dungeons, side+ missions, and class missions.

It’s mostly been a good time. You have to meet FFXIV at its own pace and be content with that, because if you want to speed through things you really can’t. The story is plodding and the pace of everything is more laid-back than sprinting, but that’s kind of nice at the end of a long day.

Forget you, catgirl. Imma pet your li’l unicorn here. Such a cutie, yes you are! Yes you are!

I am trying to focus on leveling up to 30 as quick as the game will allow, however. I miss my Scholar abilities and having to queue and fight as DPS in dungeons is a real bummer. I want to be a healer, but there’s a bit of a time gate here. At least I had the foresight to go through the series of Smith training quests to get my 30% XP ring. That right there is pretty handy!

The only real bummer I had this past week was when I was running a dungeon and some pompous buffoon decided that it was his job and responsibility to lecture the rest of us how to play MMOs. I found out there’s no /ignore function for teammates (alas), so I just switched over the chat to free company instead and finished the dungeon while his words fell into the void. Honestly, if I want your advice, I’ll ask for it. You haven’t earned the right to “teach” me just because you’re level awesome.

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