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Syp’s Gaming Goals for January 2019

December 2018 in review

  • Generally it was full steam ahead with Lord of the Rings Online’s progression server (in which I nearly hit the level cap and got all but two zones done) while enjoying my annual month stay in Final Fantasy XIV.
  • A good chunk of that LOTRO time was spent in Halloween and Christmas activities to get cosmetics and housing decor.
  • I ramped up my playtime in Pillars of Eternity with the goal of finishing the base game by December 31st. Put in at least a half-hour a day in this with sometimes more.
  • Retro gaming came back as I started a Quest for Glory IV playthrough. I also went through The Return of the Obin Dinn, although I’ll talk about that more next week.
  • Our DDO group got together to do some House K and Delara’s Tomb quests, ultimately netting me the Voice of the Master and level 8.

January 2019’s goals

  • After looking over what I played in 2018, I came to the conclusion that while I had a generally agreeable and enjoyable year, I didn’t do much to push into new territory or try different games. In fact, I kept going back to the well of the familiar over and over again.
  • My big push for 2019 will be to broaden my gaming scope. Different MMOs. New games. Dig through my backlog. Be more purposeful in my gaming time. I don’t know how that’s all going to shake out, but just thinking about this kind of frees me up in a way that I didn’t realize I was shackled.
  • For January, I’m going to be giving Elder Scrolls Online and Warframe both solid, multi-day sessions. I’m actually quite excited about both.
  • For LOTRO, I’ll aim for the very reasonable goal of hitting level 50 and finishing Angmar and Forochel, if not Eregion too. I have to start thinking about what I’ll be doing when they release new content on the live servers, because that’ll split my attention.
  • One retro game a month is my goal, so by the end of January, I want to have finished Quest for Glory IV and move on to my next project.
  • I’m going to take a one-month break from time-intensive single-player RPGs to dip into several quicker titles. I have a bunch lined up, including UnavowedThe Long Dark, Subnautica, and even (sigh) Fortnite.

3 thoughts on “Syp’s Gaming Goals for January 2019

  1. I’m playing mostly ESO and SWTOR at the moment. Getting my consular caught up in the story in the latter and finishing leveling my alts in the former. Once those tasks are done, I might dip into my Steam backlog.

    For offline gaming, I’m planning to run a mini-campaign using my TSW homebrew for D&D this month. Will be my first time as a dungeon master, so I’m a bit nervous.

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