FFXIV: Search, heal, and destroy

As I may have mentioned before, my second time through FFXIV here has been a lot more organized and driven than my first. The first time around? It was all about learning and experimentation, which resulted in a lot of grinding and repeated content. This time, sticking with the same job/class has resulted in me rocketing up through the levels and greatly outpacing the MSQ levels.

In fact, I stopped doing daily dungeons for a while because I hated getting so far ahead. Plus, the lowbie dungeons are soooo boring to heal, since FFXIV level-scales you down and takes away your fancy post-30 job skills. Whee, I have one whole heal spell to use. This is living.

So I’ve been focusing almost entirely on the main story quest — and as I said, I printed out a complete list of all of the quest names to keep track of where I’m at. As of this writing, I’m almost done with the second of 16 pages, nearly complete with the 21-30 content (as my Scholar rushes into the early 40s).

And as I know I’ve said before as well, this MMO frustrates me because it’s almost completely balanced between things that I find fun and interesting and things that annoy (or bore) the snot out of me. My greatest wish for this game is for FFXIV to decisively swing over into the former and just stay there — otherwise known as “clicking.” But as I know the bulk of the story to come for the next couple of months for me and the skills I’m going to be getting, I don’t think that there’s much to anticipate other than hopefully shooting up through the content to new stuff (to me) before I lose interest.

Maybe FFXIV just needs to be one of those “every so often” MMOs for me that I can keep up on the side. I’m already starting to look around for a stronger second game, as I’m looking into SWTOR and ESO while also pushing myself to try out new games this year.

In any case, I remind myself often that there is plenty to enjoy here. Some of the story is really good and carries a more cohesive narrative than I find in most MMOs. I really do like healing and look forward to doing so in mid- and high-level dungeons. And there’s the upcoming excitement of Shadowbringers, which is bound to get a lot of attention turned back to this game. There’s something comforting about being latched on to a “game of the month” to keep one from worrying about the downfall of other titles.

2 thoughts on “FFXIV: Search, heal, and destroy

  1. TheHiveLeader January 3, 2019 / 9:07 am

    “Plus, the lowbie dungeons are soooo boring to heal, since FFXIV level-scales you down and takes away your fancy post-30 job skills.” – Oooooooo it’s so true… It hurts…

  2. Hatch January 3, 2019 / 10:14 pm

    Sounds like ESO is your game

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