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ESO: Shoving elves down wells

Really, whenever an MMO gives you the opportunity to shove an annoying elf — and, let’s be honest, they’re all annoying — down a well and then leave him to his doom, you take it. You don’t hesitate, you don’t mull over the moral ramifications, you just thank your lucky stars that you’ve been given such a golden opportunity and… shove.

Thank you, Elder Scrolls Online, for a truly cathartic moment.

In other ESO news, ZeniMax officially announced that the next expansion-slash-chapter will indeed be Elsweyr. I’m not up on Elder Scrolls history and lore, so you’ll excuse me if I don’t understand why that’s a Big Thing, but apparently it has a lot of folks excited.

And I’m excited too, although mostly for more content incoming. I mean, I’m pretty much still at the beginning of my feast on this game with the core game and two expansions piled on top of a table, but sure, add another chapter to the mix! Won’t bother me none.

The studio was far too excited for dragons and desert biomes, as if it invented them or something. Me? I just like the look of the expansion (of what we’ve seen), the name (which is so ’90s it hurts), and the fact that the Necromancer class is incoming. As much as I love my Warden, I have a famous soft spot for necros and know that I’ll have to play one. I applaud the decision by the team to have necros practice their dark arts on the down low, lest the long arm of justice reach out to deliver a blow. Man, that was a lyrical sentence.

Another part of the reveal stream that interested me is the shortly upcoming zone guide feature to help new or unfamiliar players (like myself) figure out where to go and what to do in any given place. I anticipate that being a very helpful feature indeed!

One thought on “ESO: Shoving elves down wells

  1. I must go read that announcement, I just typed a comment on Contains Moderate Peril bemoaning how easy it is to get lost in all the auto level-scaled content in ESO. Zone guides would be so very helpful to give the more directed player something to follow!

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