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Quest for Glory IV: Jaunty hats on grinning skulls

(This is part of my journey going playing through 1993’s Quest for Glory IV: Shadows of Darkness. You can follow the entire series on the Retro Gaming page.)

So when you’ve accidentally sent a hapless old man off to his death as he looks for his long-lost wife, what do you do with the hat that he leaves behind? You toss it on the head of a talking skull so that he feels fancy and tells his laser-shooting skull friends not to fry your butt, of course!

Welcome to adventure game logic. It’s so silly at times, I love it.

Three games later, and here I am yet again with another confrontation with Baba Yaga. I actually really admire (if I haven’t said this enough) the effort that the creators took to create continuity and recurring characters. Not that Baba Yaga was ever my favorite, mind you, but the familiarity makes this feel like an ongoing saga with a richer cast.

Here I am sprinkling corn for her chicken hut to eat. Naturally.

Inside her hut, the Baba freezes me in ice as she talks about how she’s going to make me into both dinner and dessert. I think she still harbors a grudge for when I turned her into a toad that one time.

And indeed, I was not quick on my feet enough to get out of that fate. I don’t mind dying — the death notices are pretty amusing — but I had forgotten to save for awhile and had to repeat 15 minutes of gameplay, which was less amusing.

After baking Baba Yaga a pie (which, of course, was far more complicated than it needed to be), she gave me a funny bone to take back to the gnome so he/she/it could get back his/hers/its sense of humor. To be perfectly honest, the “jokes” were about the same quality before and after this moment, but at least I got a boss-killing ultimate joke out of it.

Next on my list was to track down the innkeeper’s daughter. This was far more tricky than I had anticipated, as the only creature who knew what happened was the family’s weird fireplace hobo that only shows up in the dead of the night. So he points me in the direction of the castle and I’m off to visit it — via a detour through a crypt in the graveyard, naturally. I’m really glad I rescued Igor!

Awesome. The little girl is now a vampire with a massive beast for a pet named Toby. She’s somewhat happy in the castle but does sort of miss her parents — and she’s not too fond of this “Dark Man” who makes the occasional appearance. I’ll bet that getting her un-vamped is going to be a trial.

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