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LOTRO: A fond farewell to Forochel

To stay on track for finishing up all of Shadows of Angmar content by the time early March rolls around with the Moria/Lothlorien unlock, I pressed through with my goal to finish up Forochel by the end of last week. I actually finished a few days ahead of schedule, having finished up the 100+ quests here, plus the epic book, plus the sole virtue deed that I needed.

Aside from the excessive back-and-forth travel required (one of the unfortunate trademarks of Eriador content), it was a relaxing and enjoyable experience all around. I got a few neat skins from various drops and reputation vendors, never found myself frustrated by a quest, and took scads of screenshots as I enjoyed the virtual pristine air of Ice Bay.

I’ll miss the land and culture that is fairly unique to Forochel as I move on, but revisiting this zone is exactly the sort of thing I signed up for when I came back to this server. I don’t think I would have had the discipline and motivation to fully quest through and explore all of these old zones on a regular shard, but here the pressure to zip through it is lessened by the level cap and the company.

I really wouldn’t mind getting one of these igloos as player housing, but SSG doesn’t seem that concerned with creating new types of houses for us to buy these days.

Thus, it’s time to move on. There isn’t too much left on my plate to do, so I’ve settled on the following as my schedule for the next month:

  • Jan 27-Feb 9: Quest through the entirety of Eregion, including the epic book in that region
  • Feb 10-16: Finish up any virtue deeds I need in Eriador and the class quests that I have
  • Feb 17-28: Mop up any other remainders, such as Bingo Boffin, and work on some outfits

That’s pretty relaxed and very doable. Moria is no doubt going to be challenging with its scope and atmosphere, but I’ve been through it enough to know that four months is way more than enough time in which to do it, so it won’t be nearly as great a task as Shadows of Angmar was.

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