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LOTRO: Shadows of Angmar done… for the last time

Moving at a clip that went a lot faster than I had anticipated, I wrapped up both Eregion and Volume 1 of LOTRO’s epic book series in the first week of the month. Eregion’s content zipped by as I zoomed through quests on auto-pilot, and the last few books of Volume 1 were more about traveling and talking than any actual questing.

This marks the second, and most likely the very last, time that I have finished Volume 1 in the game. For the longest time, I would just skip it on previous characters, having determined that it was too time-intensive and unrewarding (in both story and useful rewards). To be honest, I only finished it now because I was determined to get through all of the solo content on the progression server.

Volume 1 is very much a product of the early years of LOTRO. There are a few fanservice moments and high points, but that’s offset by an overabundance of travel (which was obviously meant to be a time sink), bland characters, and a storyline that didn’t feel urgent nor that connected to the well-known story told in the books. Sure, at the end it definitely ramps up for the last quest or two, but Ms. Darth Vader up there doesn’t stick around to be an interesting recurring character.

So where does that leave me? I feel a little at a loss for the remainder of February, here. Until Moria unlocks, my options aren’t that great. I’ve already finished my level 50 class quest and most of the Eriador deeds that I need, so I suppose finishing those up are an option.

A much more fun option, however, is Bingo Boffin! I checked back last week to see if he was now appearing to me after having disappeared for a while there, and sure enough, he showed up with a new quest for me to do. So I jumped back on that train, showing his journal to Tom Bombadil, going tavern hopping, and learning the ropes of treasure hunting. I’m not exactly sure how far I’ll be able to go with this chain, but with little else to do, I might as well see!

I’ve also been fiddling with outfits, being somewhat unsatisfied with several that I cobbled together from my meager wardrobe over the past several weeks. I’m hoping that Moria will introduce more outfit designs, although I honestly don’t remember if this is that case. Probably is.

I do wish that SSG would put out a roadmap for the year, although it was pretty tardy in doing this in 2018 and doesn’t seem that motivated to communicate these days. Besides, we know that the next major content update is most likely Minas Morgul, so I’m steeling myself to take my Lore-master back to the hell that is Mordor. Hopefully this time it’ll be better. That’s always an encouraging sentiment!

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