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LOTRO: No good deed goes unpunished

While on one hand I’m glad that my progression server Minstrel is fully ready for Moria, on the other hand I feel very adrift in LOTRO. There’s nothing for either of my mains to do right now in terms of new content, so I tried staying logged off for a couple of weeks and playing other titles. That was fine, but I missed LOTRO as the anchor game of my evening line-up.

Then the producer’s letter came a couple of weeks ago, and that at least gave me some hope and purpose. Yes, we’ll be getting Moria soon, but more than that, we have some exciting developments coming this year. There’s going to be an expansion that won’t be as sloggy as Mordor (huzzah!), and before that, a Vale of Anduin zone drop. That should keep my Lore-master plenty busy.

But the virtue revamp had me most fascinated, and at least for my Minstrel, I think it’s a game-changer. I have long since grown tired of following a very specific track to get the 100 or so virtue deeds that I need. Whenever this revamp comes, we’ll be able to earn “virtue XP” for completing deeds and then apply that XP to the virtues of our choice. It sounds a lot more flexible, especially for those of us who hate doing strings of slayer deeds.

And it even has a benefits right now. For starters, I can just toss away the virtue plan I had for Moria on forward and pursue the ones I want. Also, it gives me more encouragement to run additional deeds right now to build up that stockpile of future XP. I figure some of these early zones are going to offer easier deeds than the latter ones, so why not.

I’ve worked my way through all of the Shire and Ered Luin ones and have been digging into Bree-land. My kinship has a dedicated deed night in which they group up and run through a zone to complete deeds at a faster pace together, and I think I’ll be taking advantage of that.

Apart from that, I’m just ready. I’m ready for Moria (which I really think will be shorter than Shadows of Angmar), and it’s my hope that by the time I’ve blasted through that content, Anduin will be ready for my Lore-master. That way I won’t be facing this kind of content drought in three months from now.

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