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World of Warcraft, how could you get me back?

While I’ve stepped away from World of Warcraft, I don’t think I’m quite done with this MMO quite yet. I’ve learned that lesson that many of us have, that “never say never” when it comes to returning. And I’ll admit that some days, especially when I’m feeling a little listless and nostalgic, the WoW pull is strong. I miss the visuals, the tight combat, and the world. I envision working on a new character, a new project.

But then reality kicks in when I evaluate the current scene and I quickly find any enthusiasm dissipating like the morning mist. Battle for Azeroth still has those fatal flaws underpinning its entire structure, and I don’t think I could drag myself up to caring about azerite gear, warfronts, island expeditions, and the rest. At least right now.

One of the projects that I keep mulling over is returning to unlock three things: flying, Dark Iron Dwarves, and Kul Tiran humans. If and when I play again, even if it’s all the way to the next expansion, I’d like these accessible on my account.

I even went so far as to make a list of all of the requirements to get these, and just staring at that list hurt my soul. I’m looking at this and seeing it as Blizzard does, which is a forced grind to keep players chasing these goals as long as possible. And if it was, say, gear or high-end talents, I could see a reason for the barrier, but that’s not what these are. These are character creation options for alts and a re-access to an ability that we already had.

So I’ve been asking the question: What could World of Warcraft do to get me back? And as mind-breaking as it might be for Blizzard to consider, ditching these grinds and outright giving players who already purchased Battle for Azeroth with their money the allied races that this pack advertised would be a terrific start. What if tomorrow Blizzard just went, “You know what? Holding back a toy you already earned is silly, so here’s flying back for free. Enjoy!” It would generate so much goodwill.

What if Blizzard started giving fun stuff for us to do without making us jump through dull-as-heck hoops all the time? What if it repurposed old content and systems that we used to enjoy and that worked instead of making us feel as though we wasted years chasing stuff that wasn’t persistent in the end?

I don’t want to see Blizzard churn out more boring BFA story. I want the company to have a change of heart and attitude. Then, it might get me back.

7 thoughts on “World of Warcraft, how could you get me back?

  1. Fully on board with this. The grind of these things is intense and unwelcome. I did it in Legion for the early unlocks of the Void Elves and… uh.. Oh, the Lightforged Draenei. But it was done grudgingly and in BFA I just haven’t been able to muster near half the effort toward the KT Humans, flight or anything else.

    I’m currently ‘done’ with the game again, with no intention to go back. But as you say, ‘Never say never’, I’ve been ‘done’ with the game many times dating back to Cataclysm.

    I think these changes you outline wouldn’t, on their own, be enough to win me back though. They would be nice changes I would applaud, but such changes would be better suited to have possibly not lost my interest in the first place rather than changes to get someone back.

  2. This: “I don’t want to see Blizzard churn out more boring BFA story”. The reliance on grindy unlocks for the last few expansion has indeed gotten old, but actually I can ignore that if the story keeps me captivated – in Legion it did in spades, in BFA not at all. I’m just bored with the game at the moment for this single reason.

  3. They should hire you for community relations as these ideas would certainly bring me back to the game. I got the Legion ARs because I absolutely loved that expansion and did everything it had to offer minus mythics and non-LFR raiding.

    Somehow I got Dark Irons unlocked, I think it is because I mainly played on the Alliance side but I have no idea how far I am from actual flying and this whole expansion has been pretty disappointing. I wish that I had stuck with my guy instinct about it but after Legion I was willing to give them a chance.

  4. For me, it was the “class fantasy” changing so much with each expansion that I no longer recognized my character when I loaded into the new expansion. I expect a certain amount of grinding (it’s still an MMORPG after all), but when you’re trying to relearn your character at the same time – it just wasn’t worth it anymore …

  5. I dont think WoW can be played non stop. I have had to take a break every expansion. Even the best expansion, Legion, left me cold with the broken shore patch. My sub has lapsed for a few days now and I can’t wait to feel the pull back in. I did some heroic progression and it burnt me out. 8/9 and my guild cleared the next lock out. Not even concerned. Blizzard has such a strange philosophy of reworks and content gates.

    Kul Tirans and Zandalari shouldn’t have any rep locks. They aren’t hard but they shouldn’t exist. I leveled every character to cap in Legion. The class hall was a great incentive. This expansion I deleted a bunch and rerolled allied races. Most are still level 20. It’s just so much content to redo.

    A big problem is the world is big and empty. You level through the world linearly and then never go back. Legion did some mixing which was nice and BFA just feels like a step backward from Legion at every turn.

    Right now, Blizzard doesn’t seem to care what the community thinks.

    I’ll be ready to hop back in when the expansion hype cycle starts again or the next big content patch. But they don’t get my sub money andmmore importantly my time if I don’t feel they earn it

  6. I would play vanilla for a $10 sub or box price. Ideally I would like WoW 2.0, modern graphics, a beatifull new world modern scaling UI. Maybe the best thing would be to let things run down and make a WoW in space. If Anthem was done by Blizz it would be huge. Anthem had a lot if interest and I think people expected WoW in space but got something half made.

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