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DDO: House D-lightful

This week’s DDO goal was to chew through as many of the House D quests as possible, as this was one house that my solo Artificer had yet to touch. Plenty of quests here, starting with The Depths of Despair, a standard sewer crawler with a kind of snarky intro. If you skip by bestowment quest text in DDO, you’re often missing some pretty interesting and even hilarious stuff.

The second of the fourth “Depths” quests, Depths of Darkness, also looked like a standard sewer affair — but it had a few surprises waiting to spring on me. Not only was there an acid trap that melted my face right the heck off (I was on elite mode), there were a couple of mega-slimes that exploded into dozens of smaller enemies when hit. I was backpedaling through the entire sewer trying to kill about 30 or so mobs before they swarmed me. It was honestly crazy — and I loved it. A very memorable battle and one that had me laughing by the time it was all through.

Then there was Depths of Discord, which at first I assumed would send me into some of the shadier chat channels. But no — more sewer surfing on behalf of a lazy NPC adventurer who would rather drink in a tavern than do her darn job. At least I got to experience momentary terror as a 700 pound minotaur dual wielding battle axes charged right at me.

The last one in the series, Depths of Doom, was pretty much the same as the first three. Honestly, this whole series felt like a large cut-n-paste, which rubs me the wrong way after the annoying repetitiveness that I went through with Tangleroot Gorge.

For a change of pace, I finished out the night with Storm the Beaches, which is an assault upon a pirate stronghold. From having run this with my group a month or so ago, I knew that a secret waterfall path would take me up behind the bad guys and allow me to attack from the top-down instead of the bottom-up. Lots easier that way, and plenty of opportunities to snipe unsportingly from afar.

5 thoughts on “DDO: House D-lightful

  1. I actually love the Depths chain because the mobs are so varied – oozes, elementals, trogs, minotaurs, rust monsters, various sorts of undead. I think of it as one four-part quest rather than a four-quest arc as the individual quests are a bit on the short side, but make a nice dungeon crawl when run in sequence.

  2. I don’t know if cloaks are your thing, but I see you aren’t wearing any and there are codes for a wide variety available currently:




    Eventually the plan is to let everyone get all 13 for free.

  3. [I may have double posted this]

    I don’t know if cloaks are your thing, but I see you aren’t wearing any in your shots. As part of the anniversary event you can currently pick from a wide variety. These are the current codes::




  4. This post highlights one of my gripes with DDO, especially in its earlier years. The early content is so visually (or outright in the case of Tangleroot) repetitive. It certainly turned off friends that I’ve tried to get stick with the game. I love the 3.5esque character build system a great deal. It’s the perfect MMO for me with so much variety of character concepts. The ‘ahead of its time’ action-esque combat is pretty great as well. I’ve always found it fun to play melee characters in DDO because your character isn’t defined by a specific weapon as it is in so many modern MMOs. But the number of times you run variations on a theme is a shame. Here’s hoping we’ll be able to get into the new Sharn content pretty quickly, if it’s end-game only stuff then I doubt my group would stick to the game long enough to even reach it.

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