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Syp’s gaming goals for April 2019

March 2019 in review

  • Pretty productive month in terms of gaming, although I didn’t branch out much when it came to MMOs. Primarily, I jumped back into LOTRO hard for the progression server Moria unlock and got in a lot of single-player DDO action as I went through House D and the Necropolis. Many quests and victories were won, and I got to level 54 on LOTRO and level 13 on DDO.
  • I did try out a couple of MMOs for the Try-It Tuesday series, the soon-to-be cancelled Survived By and Eldevin. For the series I also poked into Subnautica and Commander Keen.
  • Curiosity drove me to look into Torchlight Frontiers’ alpha test, which I generally found very solid and engaging. Made me excited about the full product.
  • My retro gaming series took me through the entirety of Secret of Monkey Island and into its sequel, LeChuck’s Revenge.

April 2019’s goals

  • Generally I think I’m in a really good groove right now, with several projects simmering in different areas and a core focus on LOTRO and DDO. For the former, I would like to be done with at least Moria (if not Lothlorien) by the end of the month and free up that time for the content update that’s coming soonish. For the latter… no goals other than my current pace of “one unexplored dungeon per day.”
  • I think I’ll have Monkey Island 2 at least finished and fully written up (but probably not published) by the mid-month, after which I may take a break from that series to try a different retro game for a bit.
  • As I’m doing a superhero MMO column over at Massively OP, I need to be getting more into those types of games, so I have Champions Online and DCUO on my “to do” list right now.
  • I thought about returning to some old titles, but I’m going to push off any temptation for that until May. Instead, I declare that April shall be MMO Safari Month. That means I will go to extra lengths to try out new MMOs to me that I haven’t played before whenever I get antsy. That should definitely help to beef up Try-It Tuesdays! Any suggestions?

2 thoughts on “Syp’s gaming goals for April 2019

  1. I’ve finished the main story in Anthem, but I still have a fair bit of side stories to do, and I’m a long way from level cap, so there’s still plenty of that in future. I do have The Division 2 for whenever I want to shoot things but not be a magic space robot.

    Haven’t done any SC2 in a while, either, so might dip into that. Kind of craving a fantasy game after all this sci-fi, but I’m not sure what, and I probably won’t have time.

    As mentioned in the last WRUP on MOP, I also started a new D&D campaign over the weekend. You’ll probably be pleased to know I’m playing a Gnome artificer and loving it.

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