DDO: Three barrels full of kobolds

With the Necropolis series (mostly) finished, I’ve turned my attention back to completing any incomplete lower level quests. Looking through my adventure compendium, the lowest that sits unanswered is The Stones Run Red, a level 5 jaunt in Three Barrel Cove. Why not?

I had a full kid audience for this one, so I enjoyed running commentary from my boys (“Ohh man, don’t step in the lava, dad! That’ll burn you up!”) and endured a three-year-old on my lap whose sole function was to jam on that spacebar as often as possible to make me jump. At least it was a very easy, very straight-forward run through a “fire mountain” to kill some ogres and desecrate a few dragon shrines. I think this is the first part of a series, so I’ll probably need to follow it up with the sequels. Even on elite, at level 14 I roflstomped this one to dust.

There’s a follow-up to this quest, Brood of Flame, that takes place in the same cavern, only with more fire elementals this time. I got flashbacks of Tangleroot, but fortunately this repeat is only a one-time thing. And that’s good, because it’s not that interesting of an instance for one run, nevermind three.

And since I’m in Three Barrel Cove, I figured I might as well stick around and work on the quests here this week. A pirate kobold (objectively the best kind of kobold!) gave me a task to run a rival pirate gang’s obstacle course in Prove Your Worth. Why not? That actually sounds like fun!

And you know what? It really was a top-notch quest! The dungeon is a series of varied challenges, such as navigating through traps, solving a puzzle room, climbing up a series of broken ladders, and fighting through some ambushes. Plus, I got to choose whether or not to make a poor kobold captive walk the plank after going through a pirate-speak lesson, and that made my day.

For the record, I freed him. I’m a lawful good Gnome. And I do sign autographs to adoring fans.

The Scoundrel’s Run may not have featured Han Solo anywhere, but it still served as a diverting “treasure hunt” through a small but twisty mine. The objective was to find and assemble five pieces to a weird turtle statue, and while there was a bit of backtracking involved, all things considered, it went fairly well. About 20 minutes, just the perfect length for a quick dungeon run session.

Time for another mini quest chain! We all know that in RPGs, there are always secrets behind waterfalls, and in Three Barrel Cove, there’s an entire dungeon tucked back here. This is The Troglodytes’ Get, a romp through a cavern to smash their eggs and try not to think so much about how we’re stomping all over their babies. “PEW PEW,” I said, ignoring my conscience. “MUST COMPLETE QUEST OBJECTIVES NO MATTER HOW ODIOUS.”

Guard Duty shows that one of DDO’s greatest strengths is that it can whip up almost any interesting scenario and thrust players right in the middle of it — such as defending a ship from boarding pirates. Short, breezy, and full of nothing but combat on the open decks, this quest had me in and out in about six minutes.

Hunting down an urban legend sounded fun, so why not? In The Legend of Two-Toed Tobias, I discovered an underwater cavern that turned out to be the final resting place of a notorious pirate — and his level 5 treasure. Even with all of the swimming and skeleton fights, it wasn’t too difficult or convoluted. I even thought that triggering the fire traps to melt an underwater ice dam was pretty ingenious.

3 thoughts on “DDO: Three barrels full of kobolds

  1. EvenNote April 29, 2019 / 4:33 pm

    Kobold still hate you! Kobold REMEMBER Three-Barrel Cove! YARK!

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