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City of Heroes: Yeti Yesterday reborn

It was only after a few days of play in City of Heroes did I realize that the server that I had been on — Halcyon — was designated to become a European server after some shard moves. That would not be great for me in terms of ping and other players to be with, so without much fanfare, I rerolled on the Torchbearer server.

And since I was rerolling, I figured it was time to remake one of my favorite characters from Ye Olde Dayz, an Illusion/Dark Controller named Yeti Yesterday. In fact, when I poured back through my City of Heroes posts on Bio Break (which date back to 2008), I see that I used this name/character a lot.

My vision for her was the ultimate 80s girl, so I spent wayyyy too much time looking over all of the options to find the most 80s-looking options available. I think I did good by the hairstyle and headband, and the leg warmers and shiny sleeveless puffy jacket pulled the outfit together. I even gave her a sparkles aura to summon the spirit of Jem (as I am totally outrageous).

Probably the main reason that I always gravitated to this combination of powersets is that it offered — at least on blueside — the most pets of any class. Illusion had a few situational pets, while Dark Miasma brings out a pet in its final tier. I can’t recall actually ever GETTING to that final tier back in the day, but it’s possible that it did happen.

Anyway, I’m very pleased to have returned to this because so many of my memories of playing this game are with Illusion controllers. I remember back when City of Heroes first launched and I poured over the manual trying to figure out which powersets I’d be choosing when I got home that day. There were many tempting choices, but the unique slant of illusion — thematically and functionally — won out. And I never regretted that.

I had forgotten how much fun it was to blind enemies and see them grab their heads as light shone in their faces. Being able to lock bad guys down so that they don’t hurt your team felt much more powerful than just slinging damage their way, and this kind of group crowd control is sadly fading into the past in MMO history.

I am a little mystified over the lack of supergroups and supergroup recruitment — I still haven’t figured out if this is something these servers lack right now or if nobody really cares about forming these. Again, looking back over my posts from when the game was operational back in the day, I saw a repeated refrain that my inability to find a good supergroup hindered my long-term viability.

In any case, I try to be friendly with the teams that I join, and I’m really getting a kick out of the different outfits that others create. My son even got into the fun, creating his own winged lizard Spike/Invulnerable Scrapper. I mean, if you were a 10-year-old boy, what would you make? Fire Dolly up there? Maybe you would, I dunno.

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