Coming around on WoW Classic

When World of Warcraft Classic was announced back in 2017, I was quite excited for it. Those feelings subsequently cooled off in 2018, leaving me feeling as neutral as could be toward this project. But now that there’s a date set and testing going on for this vanilla version of WoW, I have to admit that my interest is kindling once more.

Maybe it is that crowd syndrome, where it’s easy to contract excitement when everyone around you is excited. I’m sure that’s part of it. But all of this coverage and talk has gotten me thinking about what I did like about the original game and curious to experience it once more — especially in light of going through LOTRO’s progression server and jumping back into City of Heroes as of late.

As I’ve been giving it serious thought, the appeal of playing this for me is largely based on two factors:

  1. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with how large and bloated MMOs grow over the years and yearn to go back to a simpler time where there was less — and less was more.
  2. I have a lot of strong memories of playing vanilla World of Warcraft and would love to return to those old stomping grounds that were forever changed by Cataclysm.

Sure, I still have some concerns, such as the uninteresting endgame and lack of something to do in the long run, but what I’m sensing is that the real meat of Classic is in the leveling process. I do wish that Blizzard would give us indication of whether or not it’d consider ever doing anything else with this server, other “era” servers, or a progression server, but I’m guessing that at least for the first year of its operation, WoW Classic will be *the* World of Warcraft that people are talking and playing (at least until the next expansion arrives).

It’s a ways off in any case — a good three months, and at the tail end of summer to boot. That’s kind of a shame, because if there’s a time of the year where I’ll have more spare time than normal, it’s probably the summer, but oh well. Can’t see a lot else coming around in August to give it serious competition, so WoW Classic is probably going to benefit from even more publicity due to a lack of other noise at the time.

Listening, watching, and reading other people talk about it has spurred my thinking about what I’d actually play. I know we’ll be able to grab names and server spots in mid-August, which is kind of nice, but the big choice is the character one. Again, I have a few thoughts vying for supremacy there:

  • Do I go with my very first World of Warcraft setting by making a Dwarf or Gnome and going through Dun Morogh? I really did love this area, although I’m less enthused about subsequent regions. A Gnome Warlock or Dwarf Hunter would take me back to my two main class/race pairings in vanilla, but there are other options to consider.
  • I’m sure a TON of people a going to Elwynn Forest, and there’s a temptation there — I love the progression of the first four or so zones there and I wouldn’t be hurting for class choice.
  • If I went Horde-side, it’d probably be a Tauren Shammy. That’s actually getting the most excitement from me, because I really do miss the totem life and old school enhancement fighting. The early zones hold a lot of nostalgia as well, and I’m keen on the Tauren racials too.

I’m even mulling over the idea of crafting, since it’ll actually be more useful here when you have fewer options for character development and progression past a certain point. Making bags would help with money, investing into leatherworking would be good for gear, but if I did anything, it’d probably be engineering for toys. I’m a sucker for toys.

Have any WoW Classic plans in the works? How are you feeling about this announcement date? I’d love to hear about it!

5 thoughts on “Coming around on WoW Classic

  1. The only thing that’s starting to concern me is that current retail WoW is going to take a hit. I’ve seen many that I know go on break because current is no longer “fun”, and now I’m seeing more saying they are taking a break until Classic, even some asking if I will be making the guild for Classic. Aside from raid nights we have seen a drop from 85 on at night on launch to maybe 6-7 playing Alts. Even raid nights are being cancelled about half the time because people have real life responsibilities, and the thoughts of pugging for the last bosses on Heroic make everyone cringe.

    Classic May have been a good thing prior to BfA, but now? It may be the final blow to current WoW as we know it. But then again, maybe that is the plan.

  2. Dwarf Hunter and Gnome Warlock is what I played on my one and only run in WoW, five years after it started but still ten years ago from now. Can’t see any reason to pick anything else.

  3. If I played (not leaning too, currently) I’d go Shaman. Which means Horde, which I have never played from the start. Shaman were awesome back before the homogenized everything and ruined the class 🙂

  4. I plan on leveling a gnome warlock to do all the class specific things I never did. Mainly the epic mount quest chain. I helped others get theirs and did the paladin charger quest chain, so it will be fun to see the other one.

    If I raid in Classic it will be on a dwarf priest (fear ward) to try to get Benediction/Anathema. I have Rhok’delar on my Vanilla-era hunter, so again, it would be fun to do the other one.

    Super long term, I’ll likely end up with one character for every class just to do and see all the unique little class bits. Knowing that Classic has a fixed end-point makes it easy for me to drop in and out like a tourist. I won’t have to worry about keeping up with ‘current’ content or patches.

  5. My story in Vanilla, was supposed to start with a Dwarf Hunter, but my friend was a warrior and I wanted to be helpful, so I rolled a Dwarf Paladin… I hated it all the way up to Wrath, now I love the pally, but will probably roll a hunter once classic comes out.

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