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LOTRO: Progression server fashion show!

It’s my birthday and I can do what I want, so I’m going to indulge in a little fashion show today to share with you some of the outfits that I’ve cobbled together on the LOTRO progression server so far. Why not?

The first outfit here is my Christmasy one, obviously obtained from the winter festival. I really love the burgundy shield and slim sword I found for it, and it’s a great pick for any winter/snow zone I visit.

Next up is my “Adventurer’s Outfit” (or what I weirdly think of as my Indiana Jones getup, probably because of the machete sword there). It’s a good all-purpose outfit that looks sharp but not flashy.

When I got that mining helmet (with a wee candle!) I knew I had to make an outfit around it in honor of Moria. I wanted to go more semi-steampunk but had a hard time finding a lot of pieces that fit this vision. Instead, I kind of cobbled together a workable underground outfit with a nice backpack that all feels dorky but doable.

The winter festival had a ton of great outfits and I was excited about this owl-themed one. I love the whole look (and that style of jacket/pants) — except for the weird and oddly animated feathery back. Hence, the cloak. I threw in the shield that I got from the Turtle raid, since the dark green seemed to go with the outfit.

For my money, this is the best “Minstrel” outfit I have right now. It simply looks the part and I am a big fan of the white/blue color scheme. Kind of reminds me of a musketeer look too.

I know this outfit doesn’t really match, but I really loved this floppy sun hat and wanted to get a more casual, feminine look to go with it. The sword choice there is a good one for her look — slim, delicate, and decidedly lethal.

2 thoughts on “LOTRO: Progression server fashion show!

  1. – I love winter outfits!
    – Happy birthday!
    – Thanks for the mobile suggestions a couple weeks ago, my wife is loving the tower defense game(s) you suggested (she can’t get enough TD)

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