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City of Heroes: Masterminding a new approach

World, meet Pain Jetson. Pain Jetson, meet the world.

So after rolling up a couple of City of Heroes characters for random mindless grouping action, I felt like I wanted to actually experience the story of the game from start to finish. It’s something I had never done when it was live, and if we’re only given a finite time with these emulators, it’s up there on my bucket list to witness. Therefore I created Pain, a Bots/Rad Mastermind who has the perfect package for me: a swarm of killer robots and all sorts of radiation superpowers.

I even gave her a cool retro scifi look which ended up very close to what I envisioned. Not wholly original, mind you, but I was pleased with the result.

This is certainly a much different approach than I’ve ever taken with City of Heroes, which is slightly funny to me, because it’s the *standard* approach of most MMOs. I guess that is a testament to the fun and ease of grouping in this game.

But there’s a lot of enjoyment to be found in these story arcs, and I kept finding myself really surprised at the quality of writing and the clever little quest twists the devs included. Here I am going undercover as… a demon? I guess? My robot really should have horns on to fit in.

This’ll be the new Pain Jetson poster art.

Mastermind has to be one of my all-time favorite MMORPG pet classes. It’s kind of insane that the devs decided that it’d be cool to give us so many pets, but you know what? It turned out really fun, too. Since the story progression means a much slower leveling experience, I’m only level 10 and therefore limited to just two bots, but even so, I like having Huey and Louey joining me for my adventures.

Demonic supernatural rituals? NOT IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD!

Another neat touch is that I was able to customize my MM’s pulse rifle to be retro scifi as well — and her jet pack even animates when I’m flying!

If I could have one wish with doing the game this way, it would be to have the NPCs voiced. Reading the relatively tiny text gives me a headache, and a lot of this would be so much more effective if done by competent voice actors.

Oh! So regarding the above screenshot, this was another pleasant surprise: Every once in a while, we’re given actual choices in the quests. Not sure if any of them actually hold any consequences, but even if it’s just window dressing, it’s still very welcome. Getting the option to arrest or kill a disgraced contact who has caused the death of others is an interesting roleplay decision indeed.

One of the story arcs had me joining a lower tier superhero team that included all sorts of rather funny members. My favorite is Dillo here, some sort of rock alien who speaks in near gibberish. I cherish every time we converse.

Anyway, I’ve gone through all of the Atlas Park missions and have made significant headway into Kings Row. I’m still flabbergasted that I’m actually playing in Kings Row in 2019, because I still haven’t gotten over how wonderfully strange this all is, but I’m not complaining either!

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