LOTRO: Group for survival

With little else to do in LOTRO these days — I am resisting the occasional urge to reroll, as that would not help in the long run — I decided to devote a week of sessions in the MMO to grouping up as often as I could. While I have no idea how to actually progress in gear (and have never felt the need for it, since questing gear was more than enough to get through the epic story and various zones), I figured it’d do me some good to party up and do a few skirmishes and dungeon runs.

This was, it turned out, a fairly enjoyable way to pass the time. At least it was a change from my normal questing routine, and I even got a few runs in as the main healer. I think I acquitted myself well in those situations, but honestly, I just slam on every heal button I can to keep these lemming-like groups alive and hope for the best.

Moria instances are not my favorite, probably because they throw me back into Moria and I am beyond done with that place right now. I haven’t seen a lot of people clamoring for the next unlock on the progression servers, but I think that’s probably because much attention is being given to Update 24’s test run right now.

For me, running these dungeons was mostly about getting some face time with my kinship and seeing some areas and mobs that I wouldn’t otherwise. I mean, look at gorgeous up there! So demure, so passionate, so likely to go on to a liberal arts college and major in advertising! She doesn’t let the lack of clothes or skin stand in her way!

One run did pay out in an unexpected bounty of loot. I did a Turtle run the other day — again, just to do it, not that I needed the currency to get any more First Agers — and actually won the roll on a small turtle head item. I had no idea what this was, so imagine my delight when it turned out that this became a little turtle home that sits outside of my house and spawns a baby turtle when clicked. I’ve seen some mild grumbling from others that they had yet to win this, so I’ll count myself fortunate and keep my head down.

As I type this, I think I’m going to shelve LOTRO until Update 24 arrives. There’s simply nothing left to do for me, and besides, I’m pretty sure U24 is coming very soon (and watch that it arrives before this scheduled post actually goes out).

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