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Here’s a list of great & active MMO blogs to follow

It’s been about a year, year and a half since I’ve last updated the Bio Break blogroll, and once again I wish that WordPress had the widget that Blogger does to automatically link the most recent articles posted on various sites. Instead, I have to painstakingly comb through my old blogroll to remove inactive sites, explore other people’s blogrolls to see if there are any sites I’ve missed, and keep an eye on Feedly to see if there’s a previously inactive site that’s since come back to life.

Anyway, here is the current list that’s done to the best of my abilities. All of these blogs meet the following criteria: They’re blogs about MMOs (at least in part), they’re active (having at least once post since April 2019), and they’re not news aggregators. I tried to be as lenient as I could, but I do want a blogroll that is useful for readers looking for current conversations and essays, so it’s important to me to prune away retired blogs. That said, I was happy to see some sites return to this list and many others join it for the first time.

Here are some blogs you should read, and if there are ones that I’m missing, please let me know!

5 thoughts on “Here’s a list of great & active MMO blogs to follow

  1. Great list! There are a few on there I haven’t visited yet.

    I think Dulfy is on hiatus though. It caused a bit of a stir in GW2 when she didn’t put up guides for the last Living World episode and people were worrying if she was ok. The story that came back was that she’s too busy with her studies to keep up the (insane) amount of work her excelent site takes. Hopefully she’ll be back soon because she’s invaluable.

  2. Senpai noticed me!

    Trying to get more consistent again, I’ve been more erratic than in my heyday. Still love writing and reading blogs, you’ve given me enough homework to last me weeks.

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