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Elder Scrolls Online: Cat zombies and bear necessities

After some testing and evaluation, I decided that Elder Scrolls Online’s Necromancer wasn’t for me. A shame, I know, I usually like these kinds of classes, but I’m also looking for more of a pet class experience and wasn’t getting that here. That nudged me back to the Warden and her perma-bear, and I’ve been very happy with that decision. I have an acceptable combat rotation (a mix of ice spells, attacking bugs, and whacking away with my axe while the bear does his thing) and can continue on with her progress and stories.

I did, however, take her right over to Elsweyr and jump into that expansion. The first night I sped through all of the quests I had already done on the Necro, followed by slowing down to digest all of the subsequent missions. I’m not really that keen on the whole dragon angle, but that’s nothing new coming from me. However, I really do like the zone’s biome and the focus on Khajiit, who are an oddly endearing race.

There’s also a clear and present tie-in to the Necromancer with all of the necro antics of the place. So I wasn’t too surprised to see zombies and skeletons popping out of the woodwork, but I wasn’t quite prepared for the fact that they would be Khajiit zombies. For some reason, that made them actually quite unsettling. The broken neck look up there freaks me out in a way that decayed flesh does not.

Anyway, what I’ve really come to appreciate about ESO is that the flow of questing and exploration is really casual and flexible. I may be on my way to one objective and then see another quest over there and make a detour to pick it up, then choosing whether or not I want to finish the original or extend that detour. The thing is that you never know when these quests may be kicking off, say, a 14-part series. In any case, I kind of just do whatever I want during a play session without feeling pressured one way or the other, and that’s relaxing to me.

One memorable quest series had me aiding a disenfranchised thief who had been kicked out of Thief-town (that’s my name for it, anyway). We assembled a crack team of thieves that included a regular talking cat (that’s a thing in Elder Scrolls?) who was also very drunk and couldn’t control her magic well. I really wanted to see more of these characters, but after a mere two quests, that series was over and I had apparently Righted All Wrongs in Thief-town. That was quick. Certainly expected it to be more of an effort.

One thought on “Elder Scrolls Online: Cat zombies and bear necessities

  1. Yeap, a Khajiit can look like a house cat. Or an elf. Or a tiger. It depends on the phase of the moon the Khajiit is born under, there are seventeen different types. Look up Khajiit types for more information.
    It was an attempt by Bethesda to cover the fact that Khajiit have looked different in each game going back to the first Elder Scrolls game Arena. So they wrote it into the lore of the world, I like the idea. Take a fault and work it into the fabric of the universe instead of ignoring it.

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