LOTRO: Beggars can be winners

I find it darkly amusing that the elves, in their re-conquest of Mirkwood, find a place called The Haunted Inn and decide that, sure, this sounds like a great place to set up shop. I mean, the place is clearly haunted, as you can see the ghosties come out when you’re in just the right place like so:

I think it’s a wonderfully creepy effect and one that LOTRO hasn’t used too often since.

In any case, my adventures on the progression server are going rather slowly, as I’ve just reached level 62 and am pushing gradually through Mirkwood. I’m not in a rush, but it doesn’t help that I know all of the content that’s to come ahead. It’s too much to think about, so I just focus on one quest at a time while I listen to audio books or evaluate yet another MMO soundtrack.

So let’s talk the live server instead, because I have no idea how much I’ve left to do in Anduin. Probably a lot, I’m not the quickest of adventurer. And what I’m finding is that as in Mordor, these mobs hit like trucks and are often packed together in camps that can turn incredibly dangerous in moments.

In fact, a couple of quests sent me into an orc camp like so many others I’ve done in the game to date, except that these mobs were all super tough and came in twos and threes. I will not embarrass myself by telling you how many times I died trying to gradually clear the camp to my objectives, but it was enough so that my armor broke. And I was trying every trick in the book, including experimenting with different pets. It just wasn’t working.

I didn’t get any help from my kin when I put out a couple calls for assist, but a lovely Minstrel in global chat came to my aid and helped me to plow through the area to get both quests done. That’s a real hero, right there, someone who helps others even when there’s nothing in it for them. So Daize, I salute you. You’re my hero tonight.

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