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City of Heroes: Worst. Bank Robbers. Ever.

The Massively OP crew — staffers and readers alike — assembled for another adventure in City of Heroes, and my Crash Corpse was right there with them at level 20. Our goal? To slide head-first into villainy and become top-notch bank robbers.

The first step in this ignoble quest was to switch over from blueside to redside. MOP’s Bree walked us through this process, which apparently involves going to a club and then talking to a reality-warping seagull named Null the Gull. I really did not make any of that up.

Our bank robbery quest got off to a fun start, as we started to bash cars and beat up the odd cop for an increase in our time limit. But before we knew it, we were over our head, with mobs washing over us and pounding our group into the ground. With a timer constantly ticking down, that was a problem, and we had a hard time recovering.

When all of us respawned in the mission’s jail, we knew something was very wrong. There were far, far more mobs than this mission should have, and the second we busted down our jail cell doors a virtual flood of Longbow stormed in to kill us. And then camp our corpses. It was ridiculous and impossible and fatal, but it also highly amused us how over the top this was. Obviously, the mission got bugged somehow.

The only way we made it out was that one of our team members quit the group and shot up in levels so that he could smack down the jailers to give us a chance to escape.

With mere minutes left, we made a beeline to the bank, ported stragglers, and charged in yelling various battle cries (“Please don’t kill us!” is a good example of this). We tried. We really did. But the time and the bugs were against us, and it all timed out right as we grabbed the loot and tried to leave the vault.

Oh well. I’ll take a failed mission that gives us a great story and a lot of laughs over a boring successful one.

One thought on “City of Heroes: Worst. Bank Robbers. Ever.

  1. The mission holder’s level might have been raised if the mobs were too strong to overcome. It can be set up to +4 to the mission’s original level. Additionally, the spawn size could have been set for an 8-person team.

    I do those missions at +1/x4 pretty often on most of my chars. With the right tactics, its doable. A lot of people use higher settings than that, but I’m not quite there yet with most of my alts.

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