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Sunday Serenade: Twisted Metal, Ulchero, Doom, and more

So new/returning feature here at Bio Break — a “for fun” Sunday music playlist with random songs that I listened through and enjoyed from the week previous. Some of these will be video games, but not all.

“Main Theme” from Twisted Metal — I remember these games being insane demolition derbies that I could never quite master. This theme is 80s hair metal gonzo and does an effective job giving off the energy of the matches to come.

“Level Up” by Ulchero — I subscribe to a few copyright-free music channels, and there are a surprising number of catchy little ditties on them. Like this one, for example. Just upbeat and peppy. It’s the kind of music I need some days, nothing too complicated.

“Sweet Little Dead Bunny” from Doom — Can a song be both cute, disturbing, and all-out rock? If it’s from Doom, I guess so! At least this had me chuckling a bit.

“Slave to the Passion” from UltraBoss — I do love me some “retro wave” (modern tunes done in the style of the 1980s), and this one caught my ear for how sincerely cheesy it was. Listening to it, you can imagine this as an end credits song for some sports romance comedy film, can’t you?

“Underground Theme (Super Mario Bros.)” from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate — This is a funky, poppy twist on a very familiar theme. Makes for great background listening.

“Underworld (Kid Icarus)” from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate — I really liked this rearrangement of the classic Underworld theme. Jazzed it up, it did.

“Truth” from Vagrant Story — Never really listened to this OST before, but this track caught my attention for its relaxing trance-like atmosphere. Kind of sounds like a queue to an EPCOT attraction.

“The Color of the Summer Sky (Secret of Mana cover)” by Patti Rudisill — I’ve recently become absorbed in the Secret of Mana OST, and this is an absolutely beautiful cover of one of the game’s most famous themes.

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