LOTRO: Gladden Fields at last

If it wasn’t for the still-slightly-too-tough mobs, the Vale of Anduin would be a cinch for one of my top five destinations in Lord of the Rings Online. It’s pure eye candy from north to south with a heavy dose of book fanservice thrown in. As I’ve said many times before, a gorgeous zone can make gaming a delight whereas an ashen volcano one makes it torture.

So yeah, I’m not so eager to head back to Mordor. I guess it’s inevitable, though.

With my recent re-entry into World of Warcraft, my LOTRO time has suffered a little. I’m still getting in regular sessions, just not as long nor as driving. Sometimes you want to devour content, and sometimes you just nibble away at it one little bite at a time, you know?

I haven’t even gotten close to finishing the Vale yet. I got bogged down in one section where they had me return to (ugh) Goblin Town, only this time entering from the other side of the Misty Mountains. I felt it was unfair to have all the mobs be 120 when they certainly weren’t before. Can’t I just have the fun of steamrolling things at least once in a while?

Meanwhile, my poor Hobbit hasn’t seen proper daylight in a while, as she’s still pushing through Mirkwood on the legendary server. I really should be done with this zone by now, but I’m maybe, what, halfway through? And I have Enedwaith past this. I might need to get a move on or I might not actually be ready for Rise of Isengard when SSG unlocks that.

I’m way too far into this server to consider rerolling (and I do like my Minstrel very much, thank you), but the other day a Rune-keeper really made me reconsider my life choices. Seeing her blast mobs down far more quickly than I could shout them to death made me a little envious — as did her taunting totems/stones. I wouldn’t mind one of those, let me tell you.

One really nice aspect of going back through old and familiar content is that it gives you permission to treat it casually if you like. I’ve been catching up on some Netflix while stocking up on a pile of Mirkwood quests and then gradually (and somewhat mindlessly) mowing them down. I always like the feeling of being really efficient and getting two or more things done at once as long as my sanity is not sacrificed in the effort. Being able to walk away from an hour of gaming while having knocked out a dozen quests and watched a few shows, I feel that I haven’t wasted my time.

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