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Blaugust 2019: Game blogging tips and tricks

Welcome to the official start of Blaugust, the annual month-long festival of games blogging. Part of the fun of this event (hat tip to Belghast for organizing it all, by the way) is encouraging the blogging community as a whole with some advice and support from us more “established” writers.

Bel gave us a general schedule of theme weeks, and so the topic of this week has to do with offering up general tips and tricks for becoming a strong blogger. In no particular order, here are 20 that come to my mind for anyone who cares:

  1. Always put a picture at the top of your post so that it’ll show up when the post tweets out
  2. And yes, you need to link your blog to however many social platforms you want to promote it on, especially Twitter
  3. Use appropriate tagging to help promote that post, but don’t overdo it!
  4. If you think of an interesting post idea, make sure that you at least write it down somewhere or start up an empty post with just the title prompt — even if you have no time to write the full thing. Trust me, you’ll forget it if you don’t.
  5. Every once in a while, go through your drafts folder and finish up interesting posts and delete the rest.
  6. Becoming a strong writer means you need to write regularly. It’s not easy at first, but like any discipline, it becomes easier with practice. Set a schedule and stick to it!
  7. Give your blog enough leeway in its title and theme to talk about what you want to talk about. Creating a one-game blog may backfire if you end up leaving that game. Trust me, I know.
  8. Tie yourself into the community. Follow lots of other bloggers on Twitter. Talk on Discord. Comment on other posts. Take all chances to promote others and build up goodwill.
  9. Write for yourself first and foremost. Don’t write trying to appease everyone or to become some sort of writing super-star. If you’re interested in what you’re writing, so will others.
  10. Lists are an easy and popular post type. Use them, don’t abuse them.
  11. Writing about a certain game? Make sure you include that game’s official Twitter account handle when you tweet it out. Sometimes it’ll get picked up and retweeted by that game’s CM.
  12. Follow tons of other gaming blogs, especially in your particular circle. Use Feedly or another reader for that sort of thing. The more you read, the more you get inspired.
  13. Speaking of which, never be afraid to use someone else’s post as a jumping off point for your own. And make sure to link to them to give them credit!
  14. Paragraphs are your friend. Don’t write in massive blocks of text.
  15. Break posts up with subject headers and/or pictures — your readers will thank you!
  16. I like writing ahead at least a few days (if not a week!) to give myself leeway on days where I don’t have time or am not feeling as inspired to write.
  17. Short, punchy posts written off the cuff can sometimes be your surprise breakout hits. Don’t be afraid to do them.
  18. Often topic or list posts on a question to get readers to engage in the comments.
  19. Don’t look at your stats. Don’t live by your stats. They’re not as important as you may think initially.
  20. This is a HOBBY. Don’t let it become work. But do your best with it and enjoy it fully!

And thanks to Belghast, here’s the current list and links of Blaugust participants for you to check out:

4 thoughts on “Blaugust 2019: Game blogging tips and tricks

  1. #9 took me a long time to realize, but now that I try to apply it, it makes things both easier and more enjoyable. Thanks for the great list, as usual. 🙂

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