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Syp’s gaming goals for August 2019

July 2019 in review

  • I think that this might be the worst month ever for failing to follow up with any of my originally stated goals for the month. Like… I played DDO and LOTRO, but that’s it from my list.
  • Part of that reason was that at the start of the month I went on vacation for a week out of the range of the internet, and when I came back, I got into a different pattern than expected.
  • So yeah, Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons and Dragons Online both got a bit of love from me — not tons, but I probably put a half-dozen sessions into each game. Worked my way through more of the Vale of Anduin and Mirkwood in LOTRO and advanced my DDO Artificer to level 15 (or 16, I forget) while going through House J quests.
  • The big personal surprise was that I got back into World of Warcraft. What was originally a mild bit of curiosity spiraled into a delightful return. I spent a lot of time getting my BFA character into shape after abandoning her a couple months into the expansion. For the most part I stuck to Patch 8.0-8.1 content, trying to exhaust all that and work up reputation for allied races and flying.
  • Conversely, I wound down my current run of playing Elder Scrolls Online. As much as I appreciate that game, it just never is as sticky as I would like.
  • I vowed not to buy another game until I finished A Plague Tale (my solo game for the month), and so it was. I kept pushing through that grim but fascinating stealth title over the weeks.
  • Our City of Heroes group had one particularly memorable adventure that resulted in getting locked into a prison during a bank robbery and then brutally murdered by dozens and dozens of good guys.
  • I finished Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines for my retro gaming series and then indulged in some RTS titles (Warcraft II, Age of Empires II, and Majesty) for the rest of the month.

August 2019’s gaming goals

  • As Blaugust is raging this month (starting today, in fact), I’m going to push myself a bit to try to post something every day during the month versus my normal standard of just something per weekday. The weekends might be lighter, but I have some ideas for that.
  • One weird thing about this month is that I have to spend a good deal of time studying for ordination exams, so I am not going to be pressuring myself to do anything that crazy in the gaming sphere. If I have time to play, fine, and if not, I won’t cry over it.
  • So what gaming goals do I want to accomplish? Finishing up either Mirkwood or Vale of Anduin in LOTRO would be a fine thing, I think. And the MOP squad has a semi-regular City of Heroes grouping night that I hope we keep going.
  • If my current momentum tells me anything, I’ll probably stay mired in World of Warcraft for a good portion of the month’s gaming time. I want to explore the new zones and make some decent progress toward getting flying back.
  • World of Warcraft Classic comes out at the end of the month, so I’ll be there as well. Still haven’t 100% settled on a class to play, but chances are that it’ll be a Shaman or Druid.
  • Next on my plate for retro gaming is The Dagger of Amon Ra, an adventure game that I have never touched before.
  • I’d also really like to finish up A Plague Tale early on and move on to another solo game like Bloodstained or Octopath Traveler or perhaps one of the many free titles clogging my backlist.

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