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59 online games to keep your eyes on

I spent some time over the past weekend updating the “Keeping My Eyes On” widget on the right-hand side of the blog. As a reminder, this is primarily a quick source of Twitter links of various upcoming, early access, or recently launched MMOs and other titles that I want to keep tabs on. I post it publicly because I figure it might interest others, but if not, no worries.

Here’s the current list and what’s going on with each title right now:

  • Amazon’s New World – Wrapped up early alpha testing in May, going back to the drawing board on some features
  • Amazon’s Lord of the Rings – Recently announced to be in collaboration with Leyou Tech in China
  • Antaria Online – Early access, cute little game
  • Ascent: Infinite Realm – Gone really quiet ever since April
  • Ashes of Creation – Still pumping out infrequent dev updates, seems to be gaining momentum
  • Astellia – Decent word of mouth, should be launching this summer
  • Blue Protocol – New MMO in development in Japan, hard to follow since Japanese language
  • Broke Protocol – Goofy Minecraft-looking city life simulator, still in early development
  • Camelot Unchained – PvP MMO in beta
  • Caravan Stories – PS4-only MMO launching sometime this summer, looks totes adorbs
  • Children of Ur  – Merged forces with Eleven for this Glitch remake
  • Children of Morta – Single-player Diablo type that has really impressive word of mouth
  • Chronicles of Elyria – I have no idea what this project is doing other than wasting money. Huge ideas, lackluster output.
  • City of Titans – Superhero MMO that’s putting out dev blogs but is running far, far behind its original schedule
  • Crowfall – PvP MMO that’s coming along, but it really needs to get out there sooner rather than later, I feel
  • Cryptic’s Magic MMO – No new news on this after its original announcement
  • Dogma Eternal Night – Vampire MMO project that went dark since October 2017. Going to take it off the list.
  • Dreadlands – Turn-based post-apoc strategy game. Looks interesting enough to follow.
  • Dual Universe – Deep into Alpha 2 testing, space sim
  • Edengrad – Post-apoc MMO that got an injection of cash to continue development
  • Eleven – Hasn’t really said anything since the Children of Ur merger
  • Endless Trials – Endgame pixelart MMO that got put on hold
  • Forsaken Legends – Small indie MMO that’s been put on hold, I’m still holding out hope on it though
  • Fractured – In early alpha, nothing to speak of yet
  • FreeSO – Sims Online emulator, still coming along
  • Gran Skrea Online – Been in early access for a year, has a wee bit of positive word of mouth
  • Identity – Life sim that’s focusing on a town center module right now
  • Legends of Aria – Launching very soon
  • Lost Ark – Still waiting to hear details if/when this is coming to the west
  • Mad World – Grimdark MMO that’s considering crowdfunding
  • Mankind Reborn – Scifi MMO, been quiet since March
  • Moonlight Blade – Still in a holding pattern to see if it’s going to make the journey to the west
  • Oath – Really pretty-looking new indie fantasy MMO on the scene, been quiet this summer
  • Pantheon – That team is still plugging away, lots of folks have their hopes set on this one
  • Peria Chronicles – Doing some sort of closed beta testing but no word on a western version
  • Phantasy Star Online 2 – Coming out next year, huzzah!
  • Population Zero – Scifi MMO that’s doing… stuff. Hard to tell what since it’s in another language.
  • Project C – This scifi title has my attention, but I need more details and info about it
  • Project Genom – Barely hanging on at this point
  • Project Gorgon – Really, really needs to launch and gain some marketing momentum
  • Project TL – I think this is the Lineage 3 game. Not a lot of news on it right now.
  • The Repopulation – New owners have done some work on it, but public interest and momentum is about zilch right now
  • ReWorld – Make your own MMO MMO, beta coming soon
  • Saga of Lucimia – Very hardcore, in closed alpha
  • SamuTale – Been very quiet this year
  • Seconds from Silence – Open world moddable MMO that was just announced
  • Seed – Sandbox MMO
  • Shadow’s Kiss – Vampire MMO that’s still truckin’ along
  • Ship of Heroes – Superhero MMO, making good progress, should have a character builder this year
  • Space Haven – Spaceship colony sim (a la Rimworld), looks fantastic
  • Starbase – Robots… in… SPAAAACE
  • Star Citizen – Another game that needs to launch to stay relevant. Getting tired of even thinking about this one.
  • Tale of Toast – Been way too quiet for over a year
  • Torchlight Frontiers – MMOARPG, should launch in 2019, very very excited about this one
  • The Warhorn – Village sim in early access
  • Wild West Online – A big hot mess of a project(s)
  • WoW Classic – Never heard of this one…
  • Valiance Online – Superhero MMO that’s falling into last place with slow development
  • Zeal – Dark action RPG that looked kind of interesting, just finished pre-alpha

5 thoughts on “59 online games to keep your eyes on

  1. Caravan Stories is on PC, Android, and iOS in Japan, so I wonder how long the PS4 only bit sticks in the west.

  2. Some of these games I had already forgotten, for example Crowfall. Unfortunately many in Early Access are very close to failure, in my opinion.

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