DDO: Volcano spelunking and Slave Leia outfits

It’s been a while since I did a write-up on one of our Dungeons and Dragons Online group runs, so why not? For a recent run, we elected to do one of the game’s newer adventure packs — White Plume Mountain — even though the pen-and-paper module was published way back in 1979. Maybe it took us that long to forget that spelunking under an active volcano might not be the brightest of ideas…

What I like about these more recent adventures is that you can plainly see how the dev team has moved past the warehouse-and-sewer-and-dull cave phase that it was in for a while there. This cave system seemed a lot more interesting to me, with moody colors and often water underfoot. Pretty!

Early on, this particular room nearly triggered a full wipe for our group. Up above was a series of bridges that were super-slippery, and unless your character had an insanely high balance skill, you were going down into a trap-laden room. Four out of six of us got chopped to bits, and the recovery took a while. We need a term for when you have one or two group members hauling soul stones around looking for a rez shrine, like “ghost train” or something cool like that.

In one room, we descended down into a pit, fought some manticores, and then I figured that pulling the lever in the corner was a good idea. It was not a good idea. It was a bad idea, as evidenced by the wall of water that crashed down to drown us all… in about four inches of standing water by the end of it. Kind of a weird trap, is all I’m saying.

Every so often we encountered these talking wall tiles. They were strange. I could have done without them in my life.

You could see the older PnP design of this quest on the map, as it wasn’t quite as “tight” in its layout as SSG usually does. Basically, we had to make our way through three sections of this trident, beat a boss at the end, and then take a portal back to the middle of the next one. There were some pretty awesome setpieces, such as an NPC ambush, a hungry crab in a room full of scalding water, and an irate vampire.

For my money, this tunnel was the coolest. For the full dizzying effect, you have to see it in motion as it rotates while you crawl through it.

“Ha ha,” my group said. “Healer, go attack that crab boss!”

Then I did. I am amazing. Not smart, but I’ll accept “an inspirational hero to the masses.”

In other DDO character news, my Artificer lucked out with a 100 roll on her weekly gold dice. That got her this outfit, which I’m calling Slave Leia because… I mean, just look at it. She looks chilly. I’m going to have to buy her a long winter coat soon.

2 thoughts on “DDO: Volcano spelunking and Slave Leia outfits

  1. DonV August 18, 2019 / 12:54 am

    Nice screen shots.

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