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Sunday Serenade: Sam & Max, Bloodstained, Ori and the Blind Forest

Time for another Sunday morning dose of random songs that I’ve been listening to this past week! Welcome to Sunday Serenade — now let’s crank the jams up with…

“Pancake Rocking” by Parry Gripp — Our household is a Parry Gripp household. There is no finer musician who deals with the subject of tasty  food.

“Useful to Boot” from Sam & Max — Such an odd song. So odd. So… listenable? It’s not very catchy but still… there’s something that made me listen through to the end and then hit up a replay right away.

“Interred Glory” from Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night — Super-heavy Castlevania: Symphony of the Night callbacks with this soundtrack, but I’m not complaining. I’m always up for another dose of rock/gothic to slay by.

“Riding the Wind” from Ori and the Blind Forest — This was one of those tracks I had to listen to a half-dozen times to figure out if I liked it or if I liked-liked it. If it kept me coming back, it was probably the latter, and so I wanted to mention this lovely melody here.

“Area 1” from Contra ReBirth — This is a jacked-up version of the famous Jungle theme, and what can you really say about that? It’s awesome, and giving it extra flourishes helps modernize it without taking away from the classic theme.

“Grown-Up World” from Cool Cool Toon — Not familiar with this game in the least, but I thought this track had a great retro-80s rock vibe.

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