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Did ArcheAge just undo its greatest weakness?

Once upon a time, it seemed as though ArcheAge was going to be the Next Great Coming of the MMO Sandbox. People were salivating and jittering with excitement over the import of this already-proven fantasy title from Korea, especially those who wanted a fuller and more flexible gaming experience. It’s hard to remember this, but for a good couple of years there, ArcheAge was mentioned in hushed tones of reverence as the savior of MMORPGs.

And then it arrived, and while it had the content, it also came with an absolutely horrible business model that greatly segregated the community between subscribers and free players. Trion’s handling of ArcheAge went downhill from there, with horrible decisions and PR blunders coming left and right. The community as a whole became a shouty, frothy mass of humanity and sane people left the game in droves. It became a textbook example of how a bad business model could make a good game terrible.

Last week, new owner Gamigo announced that it was going to try to undo at least some of the big mistakes that ArcheAge experienced in the past by launching a new server type that will be a buy-to-play model with no pay-to-win cash shop or subscription options. Now, I am not as knowledgeable with AA to speak with any great authority on whether or not this will solve the game’s woes and restore its reputation — in fact, I have a feeling that the community will gnash its teeth about this and never allow any chance of redemption.

But for me? It might be a game changer. It might actually make me want to try this game out, especially now that the energy mechanic is normalized and housing is available to all. There’s still PvP and limited housing and other issues… but this has always seemed like a game world worth exploring. I guess it really depends on the price point of the game and any further revelations of this model.

It’s kind of like that scene from Arrested Development, where the Bluth Company is upgraded from a “sell” to a “don’t buy” on a stock advice show and everyone in the family goes nuts over not being the absolute worst any more. “Don’t buy! Don’t buy!” It’s a step up for ArcheAge, at least, and probably a wise move from Gamigo to try to undo some of the damage caused to what is, from all reports, a flexible and captivating game.

What do you think? Is this too little, too late, or did this announcement get you to reconsider ArcheAge as a future play?

6 thoughts on “Did ArcheAge just undo its greatest weakness?

  1. I am so sick of “Fresh Start” servers it’s hard to think this is not yet another.
    I really hope the best for it as I loved the gameplay (great combat!) but just have been bitten too many times…

  2. Didn’t Black Desert eat ArcheAge’s lunch long ago? Apart from the people still playing, is there going to be any interest in this at all?

    Also, @Rick Mills, how can there ever tbe too many fresh starts? Best thing any MMO can ever do, open a new server!

  3. I’m intrigued and will probably try it out as long as the price is right. What that price is going to be for a new server of a 5 year old game is the question. I could see myself paying $20 maybe $30.
    It’ll also be interesting to see if the “I’d play Archeage if it wasn’t pay to win” crowd is going to actually follow through on that.

  4. Archeage is maybe the only MMO I’ve ever sworn off for good. Some of it was the P2W stuff. Some of it was the scarcity of housing and the fact that people have had their hard-earned land taken from them again and again.

    Owning land, building housing, raising animals and farming – that’s the main draw for me in a game like this. I’ve heard how whenever the servers are consolidated, people lose everything they put their time into building. And then the land rush starts anew, with no promise that what you had before you can get again. Sure they give land/housing tokens, or whatever, but if there’s not enough land to go around, what’s the point?

    No thanks. I don’t need to get attached to something, put my time into it, just to see it ripped away whenever they decide this server is consolidating sometime in the future.

  5. ArcheAge does so many things well. With P2W going away I cannot wait to play it again. To each their own, but why throw away the chance to have fun on a game that you used to like because Trion sucks?

    Gamigo may be no better, but I’m not going to cut off my nose to spite my face. They can earn my undying hatred.

  6. I’d definitely try this were I in a gaming drought. Launching it against Classic Wow though was a mistake. AA is a great game and I liked my vegetable farms.

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