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WoW Classic: Fun you can’t explain

Whenever I had a spare moment to game last week, I felt the magnetic pull right to WoW Classic. And even as I was logging in each time, I felt at a loss to explain why. Was it because it’s just the new hotness? The excitement of the community? The extreme nostalgia? A genuinely good game design? The slower pace? The talent trees? Being perpetually broke?

Yeah, I can’t explain it. But I think that there’s something here that’s deeper than just surface hype, and that makes me eager to see how this unfolds over the next year.

In any case, I let myself have a few nights solely dedicated to WoW Classic before evening out the spread of game time. It’s not the consuming obsession that it was back in 2004, but it has been a pretty fun ride so far.

I did roll up a Tauren Shaman to satisfy the itch in my head begging me to make one. I absolutely adore the western feel of Mulgore and the Native American stylings of the Tauren. Plus, the Shaman has always given me a solid hybrid experience with melee, spellcasting, and healing. It’s got a nice toolkit, and if I did stick this out, I know that I’m in for ghost wolf at level 15 to help out with travel.

But is it worth giving up progress on my Undead Warlock? I’ve hit level 14 on her and even gotten mining and engineering up to 75 each, which feels like a really good start. I’ve played the ‘lock for so long now that there’s little in the way of surprise here, but it’s still a great style for me. Dot things up, watch them die while the pet tanks them.

This doesn’t mean I’m invincible; more than two mobs usually means a quick end, especially if I can’t get a fear off. I’ve had many fights where I’m frantically trying to balance between slinging DOTs, trying to heal myself, life tapping for more mana, moving my pet between mobs, and trying to grab an extra soul shard or two.

In my World of Warcraft career, I’d say that I’ve probably spent about 75% of my time over on Alliance, so the Horde side has been pretty neglected from me. It was great revisiting Undercity, which I think is the best of the original six capital cities of the game. It still exudes that perfect Tim Burton Halloween vibe, and some of the artistic touches hold up pretty well.

It also helps with my excitement level that our guild, House Kraken, is highly populated and generally encouraging. Belghast apparently knows everyone in the world, and so he’s sucking them in one by one into our hive mind. I’ve even seen a few of them in the wild, although I haven’t had time yet to do a proper dungeon run.

I do need to make a decision between my Warlock or Shaman, and soon, or else I’m going to ping-pong back and forth and get nowhere fast on both of them. We’ll see.

One of the most interesting points of contrast between Classic and Retail — since I’m jumping between them nightly — is how much more laid back Classic is. Retail’s endgame is a ton of stuff all happening at once, and that’s great when you want a lot of options and activities. Classic is more like… here’s one thing to do. Just one thing. Go do it for a long while and sight-see while you’re doing it. Maybe talk to people. Look over your talent tree. Listen to music.

I’m not sure which is better, but it’s certainly nice to have both for when I’m in a specific mood.

3 thoughts on “WoW Classic: Fun you can’t explain

  1. I’m torn between shaman, hunter and warlock. The most important question to ask in order to decide is: What are your demons’ names? :p I rerolled my warlock because I didn’t like the imp’s name (Zormat). Now I’ve got Belgup and I quite like that one. Thankfully, the imp quest is fast to do with an Undead.

  2. I agree, it is somehow more satisfying to level in Classic than any other game. The quests are the usual grind but there is a story in your Shaman class and there is just this atmosphere that only WoW classic has. I find people more social and am getting the odd heals tossed my way instead of people stealing kills and racing for resources. General chat is the usual WoW cesspool however. I have no interest in retail WoW will have a look around just for curiosity.

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